Pokemon Movies

With all the hype about the new Hoopa movie (it looks to be really good) it got me thinking. What do you think are the best Pokemon movies and why? Do you have favorites that aren’t the best, but you like them for one reason or another?

Personally, my favorite is Destiny Deoxys. I remember renting it on VHS from our town video store as a kid, and loving every second of it. Other favorites for me include The Power of One and Heroes: Latias and Latios.

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I have not seen all of them but from the ones I have seen I like:

  • Pokemon 4ever because of the time traveling
  • Pokemon Lucario and the Mystery of Mew - Lucario was a bad@$$
  • and Pokemon the Return of Mewtwo was actually pretty cool too

For what its worth my favorite scene is from the deleted scene of the first movie when Mewtwo is with the other clones… pretty touching

For me it would have to be the 1st movie. Watching that on VHS as a kid was pretty emotional from memory haha. My girlfriend loves the Spell Of The Unown though, she still quotes “if that is what you wish” whenever i ask for something haha.

the 1st movie was my favourite. Pokemon hype was peaking and it was oh so magical going to the movies to watch it as a child.

i remember going to watch the first movie in the cinemas at age 6. they handed out those cool promos as well, what a great time i had

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Yep. I went 3 times to get all of the promos. Dragged my friends so I could get multiple copies.

Then my stupid self gave all my cards to my brother. Their condition is… well… poor.

I really enjoyed the first movie in theaters!

I’ve tried watching the new movies that come to Netflix, but they are so cheesy I have to turn them off. Im slowly becoming a more and more stuck up adult when it comes to movies and TV… Sigh… Lol

All the Pokemon movies are better in Japanese with their original music.

My fave has to go to the Shaymii & Giratina movie, just because of Shaymii.

Other faves include Entei &the Unown, and Celebi. The funniest short has to be the one about Meowth and the Gotta dance party (with ruby saphire gen pokemon). When my cousin and I first watched this we ended up laughing so hard that it hurt!

I think to this day a few of my favourites are…

Pokemon Heroes (Latios and Latias)
Pokemon Destiny Deoxys
Pokemon Arceus & The Jewel of Life
Pokemon The First Movie

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