Pokemon Meme's / Youtube / Funny xD

Hey Guys,

I think this forum needs a pokemon meme thread going, or somewhere we can post funny Pokemon related videos etc.

If you know of any awesome meme’s, feel free to post them here. xD

Anyways, Lol, this might be old now… but just thought I would post for anyone who hasn’t watched it already.


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That video was hilarious! Thanks for sharing

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Awesome Series - PokeAwesome - Just a Pokemon Battle - YouTube classic!

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Caterpie fainted! Caterpie fainted!

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First time tying html on this site so I hope it works. XD

Part 2 of the above video. I happen to be a big fan of Egoraptor :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: Derp. There’s a video button, of course.
Edit 2: Apparently I’m a moron. Here’s the link. XD
Edit #4234242551: So apparently I just post the video link alone and UPCC takes care of it. You learn something new every day, eh? XDD I’ll go be a n00b somewhere else now…



A park Bench in Sweden;

Haha, I remember this, I think they have a few different versions from memory.

“Wow wow Slowbro” :grin:

Never seen that video before, just hilarious.


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This thread made me lol!

Thought it was interesting a pokemon card meme made it to the top of imgur today.

Pretty funny… I think it speaks the truth:

Titled; “when I show a girl my pokemon card collection”


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I miss Pokemon yellow. :blush:

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Lol… Charizard Pumpkin…