Pokémon Meiji Coins - Informational Resource

Hello, it’s me again.

I was intrigued in those old coins and was trying to use calm mind and not destroy my wallet take a step back from doing something irremediable.

So far I know there are 2 released set, one covering gen1 and one covering gen1+2.

First Album (covering 151 pokemon, mew being in the first page):

Second (double) Album (covering 251 pokemon and more):
In the first page there are 5 character: Ash, Misty, Oak, Jessie and James.
In the last page there are celebi and 3 pikachu variants.

So, being 2 album, which one has only gen1 'mons, and the other having not just gen2 'mons but also gen1’s I have come to the conclusion that gen1 'mons all have a variant (pikachu have 5 and is bullying everyone else). One from the first release and one for the second release.

Quick examples:

Some can be found easily with a quick search, some others don’t.
And that’s the point of me making this thread.

I’m trying to list down (with images) the variants I’m finding, will post when I’m sure I won’t break the site doing so.

In the meantime if you have any infos on those 2 releases or about the johto albums (as you can see from the picture I’ve found already: those are mostly doubles from the first release, not from the second one) I beg you to reach out to me.

Ah, I’m not counting as a variant those coins with just different values on them but with the same artwork.

Thank You


Ive long wondered about these coins and love seeing more about them. Thank you for the write up.

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Thanks for making this post—the albums look really neat! For the Americans on the forum, it reminds me of when they were releasing all the state quarters and had cardboard fold outs of the map of the US with little slots for each state quarter—my little brother was enthusiastic about filling in the map.

@omic Do you know if the two variants with same picture/different HP are just Kanto originals and Johto re-releases? Or do the Johto Pokemon also have different HP variants. I’ve seen a Hoppip one before, but didn’t pick it up and was just curious if I should be on the lookout for different variants or not.

I didn’t find any johto variant so far, as for kanto, based on the charizard, I’m not sure if it is a johto release that changes the value or if there’ve been more kanto releases (since you can see the zardo with both different artworks in the front and different values on the back, confirming at least 3 coins instead of 2).
Historically it’s all so bland to me, Sorry I’m not helping

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No, that was helpful :slightly_smiling_face: Sometimes there’s only so much information that we can piece together.


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