Pokemon International Collection

I have started a collection of Pokemon cards in foreign languages. I will collect mainly 1st edition Base Set booster packs of the cards. (Three exceptions: Polish cards, in which only two sets were translated, none being base set, Russian cards, in which only the XY set was translated, and Dutch cards, which are hard to find in sealed packs in general.)

Progress as of 6/12/15
Japanese cards from Base Set, Japanese cards from Furious Fists/Rising Fist, Japanese promos
German 1st edition cards from Base Set
Spanish 1st edition cards from Base Set*
(Coming next) French 1st edition cards from Base Set

*Note: Curiously, one of the packs is misprinted. The “EDITION 1” stamp is spelled in English on the pack. I got that pack and a corrected one, which spells it as “EDICIÓN 1”. I am not sure if the cards in the misprint pack also have the English stamp on them, but I will have to find out when they come.

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