Holographic's Collection (recent addition: 6/15/2015)

Hello all. This is my collection of Pokemon cards. Of course, since I have over 1000 cards and counting, I won’t be able to show all of the cards I have, but I will show my rare cards and recent booster pack pulls.

Rarest cards so far (In no particular order):
Flashfire M Charizard-EX 107/106
XY Skarmory-EX FA 145/146
Plasma set Colress FA 135/135
Base Set German Clefairy Holo 1st Ed. 5/102
Radiant Collection Shaymin-EX RC21/RC25
Promo Keldeo-EX BW61
Primal Clash Prof. Birch’s Observations FA 159/160
Promo Thundurus-EX BW81
Japanese Promo Hawlucha-EX 038/XY-P
Rising Fist Japanese Seismitoad-EX 020/096
Plasma set Deoxys-EX Team Plasma FA 111/116
Base Set Charizard Holo Unlimited 4/102
Promo Charizard-EX XY17
Flashfire M Charizard-EX 69/106
Japanese CD Promo Set: Cool Porygon Holo, Hungry Snorlax Holo, Shadowless English Pikachu, Non-Holo Arcanine, Charizard Holo, Blastoise Holo, Venusaur Holo, Glossy Mewtwo, Glossy Mew, Rocket-Dan Computer Virus, Super Energy Retrieval

Most Recent Booster Pack Pulls (Primal Clash) NO PARTICULAR ORDER
Diggersby Non-Holo Rare 90/160
Bibarel Reverse Holo 118/160
Grovyle 7/160
Shield Energy 143/160
Whiscash 40/160
Barboach 39/160
Bidoof 116/160
Chinchou 57/160
Electrike 59/160
Spheal 45/160

Now here is a link to a side-project within my collection: www.elitefourum.com/t/pokemon-international-collection/13018/1

The trainee you don’t know the name of is super energy retrieval :blush: nice collection so far!

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