Pokemon in 2015 A Negative Retrospective

Well since we’re sharing all positives in the “Pokemon in 2015 a retrospective” thread, let’s see what some of the biggest negative surprises or disappointments were,

I’ll start with the new E4 logo which I still think is indiscernible especially when someone sees it without context.

Dissapointed at the lack of creativity in the TCG last year, and worse it looks set to continue this year. Break cards are the ugliest cards they have ever done.

Dissapointed that I fully expect the Mega Evolution focus to continue for the next game because I have no reason not to think that.

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  • Very bad card quality (for english cards).
  • Printing mistakes (The Japanese FA with the wrong English spelling in the image? There are probably some others too)
  • Release of broken cards that get banned (Lysandre’s last resort, I know it was released before 2015 but got banned in 2015 why did they release it then in the first place?)

Fairly reputable collector/seller caught scamming someone of their PSA 10 Rayquaza


I love the idea behind BREAK cards, but the implementation of them is so horrible.

Gold Pokémon. Shit.
Odd new holo design. Shit.
Random electricity. Shit.

I would love to see them strip the gold effect and give them a better holo pattern that extended over the art too.

With the horizontal design and only one attack printed on the cards, it has the potential for some amazing art!

For me 2015 saw the quick rise and fall of the Ancient Trait/Half Art/Extended Art/whatever you want to call them.

These were some of the best card designs imo. Such a shame they got rid of them after just three sets. Can only hope they give BREAKs the same treatment.


The card quality of English cards got really bad last year and I think it’s even worse how they have raised the product prices with English stuff even though the quality is crap. It’s so difficult to find a card that doesn’t have any kind of whitening on any of the corners and I always manage to find a card that has been damaged even from the sides. Primal Clash was the worst, I pulled an Ancient Trait Whiscash which has multiple creases, the card is even broken from the left side a little bit because of the crease. In the middle of the card there is another big crease and on the bottom left too. I was shocked when I pulled that card. Unacceptable stuff.

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Lots of different people had negative experiences with PSA in terms of damaged cards.

Secret rares inc. multiple Pokemons from XY8 and later are horrible.

  • XY BREAK era is very underwhelming. Bought multiple boxes of every set since Phantom Gate, but skipping XY10. The BREAK sets seem to have bad cards, bad pull rates, and nothing’s really worth going after unless you’re really into a specific Pokemon.

  • No main-series Pokemon game

  • Lack of value ranges in the TCG. EXs are either $3-8 or $50.

  • Auction market for PSA cards seems to have taken a hop, skip, and a walk of a nice cliff

  • Echoing what people have said previously: English card quality is absolutely terrible. I’ve switched to almost exclusively buying Japanese singles, and buying/trading for PSA 10 copies of any English cards I want.


Too much 3D design that looks weak and boring and not enough illustration.



lmao! This does it for me.

I worked all day every day for money which is next to useless for buying cards with lol.
Still making completing sets hard with having infinite chase cards all over the place.

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The Ultra Rares suck so much but… They really need to go back to the Black and white UR shinies, they were perfect… They had the old layout but with really nice texturemessses. Plx, change the layout of the ex cards aswell, because god… theres just cloudy glossy crap all over the place.

Break cards replacing Ancient Traits is the worst development in years.

Also the Pokemon selection still sucked in 2015 but that’s been going on since BW1.

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