Pokemon center Japan showcase ^^

Hey guys,

Just thought I’d showcase what it looks like in the Japan mega Tokyo Pokemon center at the moment.

Here is just some photos, hope you enjoy seeing :blush:

I think only USA and Japan have Pokemon centers at the moment, it would be cool if they started selling abroad. I think they will eventually sell worldwide


Am I the only one who thinks bulbasaur’s back in Pokemon Quest:

Looks like the square watermelons in Japan?


What’s with all the cube plushies?

Pokemon Minecraft Crossover incoming

Pokemon Quest game that just came out.


When i saw the pikachu i thought… charjabug Pikachu


but then i saw the others and was like, the fuck?

That makes sense!


Lol chargabug would be funny haha.

End of this month, 30 June they are doing some crossovers. Pikachu wearing a tyranitar outfit and a few others.

Sorry I lost the photo

Pikachu looks like a derpy toaster to me. The brown stripes on its back is where you put the bread. Charjabug is good shout though. All the rest look moderately terrified as well, except Electrode.

Was there anything Mawile related?

Well, I guess that’s what heaven looks like :blush:

You should see a Mandarake store.

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