Pokemon Card Labratory

I just came across this card so 2 question about it.

What is the pokemon card labratory promo card ?

and what is it worth?

Is it this card?

If so I believe that was given out in Battle Roads 2004. This page has some more info and a translation of the card: bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_Card_Laboratory_(PCG-P_Promo_24)

Honestly I have never really seen that card for sale, then again I never really looked for it :stuck_out_tongue: I would say maybe around $25 but thats just a complete guess.

Sounds reasonable-ish.

I reckon that prices are variable. It’s not a card you see every day, definitely over-hyped on release but has a nice history and I can see people overpaying for it.

If you’re selling I would put it at $50 to see if you get any bites

Yeh thats the one it up on one site for $50 but that might be the high end.

I got mine for around $25. I know where one is for 10 GBP, PM me if you’re interested.

i wasnt looking to buy one i was just wondering what it was and how much it was worth tbh.

I actually think this card is undervalued. I just like the illustration, and it is PCL, one of the best things to happen to pokemon. :blush:

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