Pokemon base set booster box unlimited price?

What is so special about this box that is $10,100? www.ebay.com/itm/Factory-sealed-Pokemon-1999-Base-Set-Booster-Box-WOTC-English-Free-Shipping-/112569826291?hash=item1a35af3bf3%3Ag%3A~jEAAOSwcqBZwXxM&nma=true&si=bSkUfPxJw3xHEgPfFTm7rQFxSzA%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557

I’ve been perusing sold listings of the base unlimited box that it appears that are just a bit over $2,000. What is so special about that $10k one?

If you read the q&a at the bottom of the description the sell says it’s a normal Unl box. The country codes on the bottom are different though.

Very surprising final price!

It’s a “Made in U.S.A” box that has distributor information for US, CAN, Asia and Latin America only. Most unlimited boxes have distributor information for all countries listed. It’s a very rare variant… I think it was one that @thecharizardauthorty was missing from his collection, but maybe he’s added one since his last collection update.

You can read a little bit about it in my booster box identity article (I’m still working on a few sections in the post. There’s lots more information that will be added once I have some free time :blush: )


Yes this booster box contains 1999-2000 booster packs, made in USA instead of made in UK (which is the more common version.)

I have this booster box in my collection. To the second highest bidder, please contact me :blush:

If that box gets paid for anywhere near that final price then people really enjoy lighting money on fire far more than I previously thought.


Am i the only person who does not give a rats ass about 1999-2000 base set cards? So overrated and overhyped in my opinion.

I feel the opposite.

For a set that’s arguably as rare as base 1st edition I’m surprised at how undervalued the cards are (especially the holos).


if psa just put them in there own place like shadowless


exactly there extremely values… Same amount produced as shadowless… Looks like were seeing a difference now. xD

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Wait more boxes were made in the UK and then shipped to the US?

Its weird as they do grade 4th print packs as 4th print

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