piplup legendary treasures error card

My friend just happened to pull this card out of a pack he just opened. I just had a thread the other day about an old card another friend had and got the answer I was expecting. This card is a bit newer so I figure it wouldn’t hurt to get a better opinion about it also. It’s missing a few lines of foil in the top section. Pretty cool nonetheless.


08-31-2011 11:34 AM

Error Class:

Uncorrected: When every printed version of that card has the same error. Since every card has the same error, there should be no added value. In a set list, there should be a note of Uncorrected Error.

Corrected: When a card is first produced with an error, and later runs have a corrected card. The more valuable card is the harder one to find.

Production: When a run of cards of cards have the same error, that differs them from the rest of run. Examples: d Edition Butterfree, Dialga G LV X, yellow Fire energy. This error usually has added value.

Printer: When a single card, or a very small run of cards have the same error. Normally smudges, miscuts, or alignment errors. Value is variable and discretionary.