Weird rippled card - Factory Error? Is it worth anything?

So, I found a card in my collection I had marked as “factory error”, ergo, the card came out of the pack like it. Just this one card. It looks very odd. Does anyone have any info on this? I did not find anything by googling.

It got pressed with the pack seal. Basically the card(s) were shifted to one side in the pack before it was pressed. Kind of cool to own but it won’t increase the price.

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You will get hits if you search for “crimped” cards. Basically it was crimped in the machine that seals the packs. I have several of these that I pack pulled and unfortunately they do not hold much value. I think it would be very easy to duplicate if one wanted to and most see it more as undesirable damage to the card than anything of value. I keep all mine that I pack pulled for the novelty.

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This is just when some cards or one card that was not fully inside the package when the booster pack was sealed by the machine. So the card was stamped or damaged. I have seen this happen a few times. Not sure if it is worth anything more.

Hm, I figured as much. Too bad. Luckily it’s just a Totodile from EX Unseen Forces. Nothing special. :grin:

The only google you need is E4. That’s where you’ll get all the accurate info;)

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Years ago I bought a case of Manaphy/Lucario Trainer Kits and half of the Manaphy holos were crimped just like that, some worse.

You opened 8 of those decks?

Yup, I knew they all had Dragon Frontiers packs in them. That, and for whatever reason there was a card shop buying the Fighting and Water energies at $1-2 each, so I gladly sold them off.

Well That seems amazing, $1-2 per basic energy from those decks! Anyway I kept mine sealed bc it maintains the unweighed factor, like a blister pack.

I don’t think mine all have the same boosters, my Latios/Latias kits all have FRLG, but I think I saw about half dragon frontiers, half power keepers and 1 crystal guardians by looking at the side of the manaphy lucario kits.

The MTG misprints and errors communities go nuts for cards like this. Kinda funny.

With TPCi it is harder to get a perfect card than an error card.

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Just found a pikachu in that condition. Is it a good idea to get it graded as an error card? Or will it be graded as an damaged card?

It’ll just get a low grade. No value though.

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It’s damage, so it’ll be graded as a damaged card.

Any ‘error’ that could be replicated with such ease in someones home is almost never going to hold any extra value beyond being a novelty for a specific collector.

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Yeah thats just what i thought. Its a factory error and not a printing error. Not sure what to do with the card though.

Thx for the quick responses guys. :wink:

I’d honestly just keep it as a little quirk.