PikaStocks - New Market Tracking Tool

Just wanted to post about a site that just went active yesterday called PikaStocks, I am not affiliated with them but I am a Magic player who frequents their other site mtgstocks. I just find the sites to be fun to look at how things are trending in the market. I think tools like this are super useful and just wanted to share! Hopefully this is the correct place to do that.


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MTGStocks is an amazing website, but I’m just not sure how useful it will be for Pokemon cards (or at least vintage Pokemon cards). TCGPlayer market price is almost never accurate and condition is everything for prices. Like, we can’t just say “Base Unlimited Charizard is $x.” Because we can’t assign a price to the card; only a price to the card in a certain condition. So I’m not sure that a Pokemon version of MTGStocks will be all that useful – I think they would have to make significant changes to how they display prices (if they want it to be a useful reference).


I agree completely, it’s definitely a different beast comparing MTG to Pokemon. It will be interesting to see how they address these issues, especially card conditions effect on prices. If they are able to figure it out though, I think it could be a great resource.

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I think the only way they’re going to be able to make it work is to track graded cards. That or track buylist prices. The only way to track raw cards with any accuracy is buylist prices. Absent that, the only viable option is tracking graded card prices. Pokemonprice.com already does it, but it would be cool if a website algorithmically gave an estimated current market value for a specific card in a specific grade as opposed to just displaying sale history (like Pokemonprice.com does).

I took a look, and it doesn’t appear useful at all for me.
Maybe it could be a way to track raw card prices, but I focus on graded cards.
Since magic cards are still used to play the game after they have left rotation,
I can see how this site is useful for MTG.

It’s useful for all MTG cards, even those that people don’t really play with but are still valuable to collectors (i.e., og elder dragons – Arcades Sabboth, Nicol Bolas, Chromium, Vaevictus, Palladia-Mors). Everything is less condition sensitive in MTG. There just aren’t the same premiums placed on condition, whereas we all know how it is with Pokemon.

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