New EBay TCG Tools: Charts and Graphs for Nerds

Hey y’all. Just wanted to see what people thought about these new TCG tools built into EBay. I think they’re pretty interesting, and wouldn’t be surprised to see them get super useful over a several year period. Also, over the several times that I’ve used them, eBay has already asked me for feedback, so they seem super open to adding new features.

It seems especially useful for specific cards…

But is probably less so when the searches get less specific.


The chart is garbage right now. I purchased a promo Jolteon card worth $5 and it shows value based on Jolteon gold star cards. So my “return” is like 40x. The only way this tool will be useful in the future is if when listing a card, you have to find the exact variant of the card and provide a condition.
Example, you have to select 1st edition or unlimited, and you have to designated near mint or lightly played.

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I hate that visually they are trying to make the card price look like a stock.

I like the idea of more price tools, I just think it’s unlikely this one becomes a useful one but we will see where it goes.


Can’t wait for the snarky comments from buyers using this tool to justify their lowball offers!


ebay is still forcing returns on graded cards for not as described so I doubt anything really will ever improve

Terrible. Its so difficult with all the variations and ways cards to listed to get any accurate representation of a chart on ebay. Actually surprisingly annoyed at it when I saw it announced.

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I can see this being especially frustrating for Yugioh. There can be 50 different rarities that could be applied to one card that’s had 50 different reprints all of which could be 1st edition, limited edition or unlimited.

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Cardmarket already provides a similar chart for every specific card. Can confirm that certain people will use it to lowball you (generally people who cannot interpret it with a grain of salt.)

I’m going to piggy back on what I said in a different thread.

It’s a great idea in theory, but I don’t understand how they are going make it accurate for raw cards. Right now it’s just a bunch of false data. They seem to also lump slabs of different grades and raw cards together at times.

In order to establish an accurate market price for a raw card, they’re going to have to distinguish between the condition. Even If they go by the listing condition labels (nm, lp, etc.), there are so many listings with incorrect or deceitful labels, and many with no label at all. Aside from an actual person going through each listing and looking at the pictures, which will never happen, I don’t know how they’re going to accomplish this. Maybe break it down by condition labels and take the average of each one sold with that label? That might help in correcting for the mislabeled listings. Different variations of the card is another hurdle, and seems like it also would entirely depend on the listing description. Regardless, they definitely have their work cut out for them.

Graded cards would be much easier to track, and I could see this being very useful in that regard. I only know of Pokémonprice which tracks psa graded cards sold, so something that tracks bgs and cgc slabs (is there another website that does this??), as well as keeps track of your entire slab collection price in one place would be great if they can pull it off.

Just like pricing your own collection if you own raws and graded cards alike, this new feature will take time and a lot of effort to be useful. But, I am hopeful for it’s viability long-term. In order to have made it in any way useful right out of the gate, ebay would’ve had to stockpile sales data from the past 2-3 years and retroactively prepare for the rollout of this new feature throughout the entire pandemic. I think it’s obvious graded cards will be the first and most reliable use for this tool and like others have pointed out above it will be almost useless for raw cards for quite some time. The best tool is your own research and diligence, and that will never change. However, I am happy ebay has listened to some feedback recently and are at least trying to bring something new to the table.

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Sucks for them. lol. I feel for people that run a more retail style business however, but at least, I think at least, this isn’t a bad time to do this, as interest for people is likely waning, and likely to continue to wane as card prices decrease and people lose interest in selling. Imagine if eBay had launched this at the height of sales! People would have been low-balling and newbie sellers would be getting ripped off all over, seemingly justifying that price…

Thanks for posting. I was considering taking a spreadsheet, converting it into CSV and then throwing it at the app and seeing what I get. Glad to have a little more background from you all.