Pikachu world collection

just got this today, very cheap and I’m happy with it, but would you personally leave it sealed or take the cards out?

I’m leaning more into collection PSA grades, and FOREIGN cards tbh , I LIKE ittt

I do have to sell a few base set cards and stuff, some are battered some not so that won’t be easy but yeah

got two lots coming too that SHOULD contain A mint trio of charizard, blastoise and venusaur, and another lot with the same…

I think the world collection is one of the most underrated promo releases ever. I love them…


yeah I really like it thinking about keeping it sealed for now

I totally agree — it’s a charming set. The fact that the set was released at a time that the Pokemon franchise was in a bit of a downturn probably hurt the collection’s reputation — undeservedly.

The set is relatively cheap so you could easily just buy another one which you open and/or get the cards graded :wink:

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good point, I might do that, if I graded them I’d unseal anyway

Green or Blue set?

blue I guess

They are wonderful sets, if I were you I’d get another one, one to have in an album or slabbed and the other one because we like to have some items sealed.

There re currently three World Collections if I’m not mistaken, two from a Japanese 7/11 promotion (Blue/Green) and a Yellow one which is from the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

yeah good idea I’ll probably do that, or grade one

I like the Olympic set the best.

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