PayPal Nightmare Incoming

Just a warning that PayPal sent out an email today outlining changes to their policies. The only real change that affects anyone doing sales over the Internet is the following update.

This is possibly a golden ticket for scammers, so tread lightly my friends.

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Half a year…wow.

That’s the most stupid thing I’ve heard for a while… thanks for the heads-up.

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I was wondering how long it would take people here to find out haha!

This is good news for some sellers, bad news for some others.
Imagine… You now have 6 months wherein someone can dispute… So I might not need $ for something else in a month, but in 6 months, I might dispute (not me personally, I as in the buyer).

At the same time, people who take preorders can accept payments earlier now.
People who sell custom plushies/art can take full payments instead of down payments.
People living in countries like I know for sure some areas of Africa, it takes longer for them to receive.

It’s a double edged sword.

It means that I will keep receipts of shipments for longer if the buyer don’t release the feedback on eBay.


What a joke,45 days was to long never mind 180 days.


A more sensible approach would be 45 days for domestic transactions and 60 to 90 days for international instead of 180 which is just ridiculous.

So now I have up to 180 days to change my mind about the item I bought online and put in a dispute as “item not as described” just to get my money back.


Totally agreed. But this is Paypal, you can’t really expect logic to come into decisions. When Paypal and eBay split into 2 independent companies prepare for us to screwed over even more.

It’s going to be a massive ball ache if someone files a claim on day 160 or something. When it’s clear they decided they need some money 6 months later and say ‘Oh I will claim on this card I bought and got bored of a couple days later. easy’

Paypal is now charging me money to send money to friends and family.

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Just consider this situation from a seller’s viewpoint. A few months ago I sold a card for $4400 to an overseas buyer. I shipped the card with online tracking. The card reached the customs office overseas where it was scanned for the last time. The buyer must have picked the parcel up from the customs office. I messaged the buyer a few times to confirm that he received the card but no response. For my peace of mind, I asked Australia Post to confirm that the parcel was delivered overseas to its final destination. They told me that there was no record of the parcel being received and signed for by the buyer and offered to refund the cost of the item and postage up to $100 as it wasn’t insured. Remember no one wants to declare the full value of items for fear of paying more duties and taxes overseas.

Imagine if it was an unscrupulous buyer who raised a claim with PayPal for not receiving his item. While I may have a proof of posting, I don’t have a proof of delivery. PayPal will investigate and may or may not decide in my favour. But while investigating, they will place a hold on my funds or a charge back for $4400. Just the thought of losing your card and potentially your money is enough to get you stressed while they take their own sweet time investigating the dispute.

I can assure you that it was such a great relief when the 45 days passed and there was no claim from the buyer. To this day, I have not heard from the buyer if he received the card.


I always send money using my paypal balance or Bank account. I was never charged once for sending to friends. This has to be something new? It was to a foreign payapl user so maybe that’s why.

I keep aditional paypal accounts for sketchy, large orders that is set up so an unscrupulous buyer could never get refunded from me. If Paypal wants to refund, no problem;) In time they’ll get tired of supporting idiots who return items due to buyers remorse or claim losses.

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Care to elaborate? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry you didn’t understand;)

Open up an extra paypal that you wouldn’t mind losing in case there’s a big chargeback or return 6 months after delivery.

ooo I see. Well aren’t you the smart cookie.

If you have a credit card attached to your PayPal account, aren’t they able to initiate a chargeback even if you close your PayPal account?

Well at least it doesn’t start until November…

Your account will have a negative balance until the end of billing cycle then it will trigger a transaction directly against your credit card or bank account to bring the balance to zero. I think this it what will happen even if you cancel your PayPal account.

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You’re right Paypal doesn’t have a billing cycle but sends out a monthly statement of your PayPal balance. If you’re the seller, as soon as a dispute is raised against you, they put a hold on your balance for the amount involved or if there is no money on your balance, they put a negative amount against it.

Yes that has been the case for me. The past several months, I’ve been getting a monthly statement from PayPal telling me how much my balance is, which is normally $0.00 as I don’t keep any amount sitting in the account.

Regardless of whether they can chargeback or withdraw from your credit card/bank account, 180 days is too long and will only put sellers at a great disadvantage.