Opinion?: Custom Pokemon Cards

Im Asking What Do yall think of custom cards? Its really simple, and i expect 2 things from collectors, Some people to be like “Ew, Why would you ask that” And others to just Either send a custom card they like, or give a small blurb about their opinion. Idk, maybe this thread will prove me wrong, you never know! I just imagine someone out there just collecting custom cards from online, printing them out, taking the time to make it card like, then just put it in a stack of others, and idk, but it makes me smile,

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overall i dont really care for them

I hate all of those gold metal GX VMAX shiny cards that plague ebay


There have been some artist renditions of cards that I’ve loved in the past that I would not hesitate to get if they were real cards. More often than not, however, they don’t really interest me.

That being said, I do have a proxy of my New Year Present, but it was a gift from a very good friend who redid the artwork in his own style.


I personally have no interest in a card if it is a fake/custom cards. If a card is a 1:1 or near enough remake of a card that does exist, then I am against it and so should everyone else. I think overall they are just tacky and lame.

It needs to be immediately obvious that it is a fake/custom, and too many people who operate within that space willfully ride the line between presenting cards as such. It helps their business to get traffic coming to their instagram/store page if they make it questionable.

I find the fake cards that come in a plastic graded case to be especially tacky.


I do not like custom Pokemon cards. More times than not, they are cringey.

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I mean i would agree, except When you make them yourself (And ur not a 5 year old) they can end up pretty well, I sometimes make ones for stuff like MissingNo. Or Lavender Town Ghost. Its Not That Cringe If You Know What Your Doing. (Goes For The person doing it too if it isnt you)

Are we talking customs, fakes, or proxies?

Proxies usually i dislike because they are usually close to real and try to pass as real. If they dont do that then they can be cool.

Fakes i obviously dislike since they try to pass as real.

Customs cards are a mix of good and bad. Gold thiccachu, bad. Eeveelutions in ancient mew style, potentially good. Waifu 18+ custom, bad. Custom made pet rememberance cards, good.

Overall, as long as art isnt being stolen and the custom isnt passed off as real then sure, i dont mind too much. Theres been some really fun customs like the ones you mentioned, or the collaborations with sport teams, or even E4 art prizes being in that realm. Theres also been some very cringe ones, like ones that go against the general branding and idea of pokemon cards.


I can’t stand them either, I once bought a custom a few years back because I was a fool? Anyway, the day it arrived I realised just how much i dislike them, threw it in the bin immediately.

This Actually Brought Up A Very Good Point. Here Is Some Clarification, This Thread Is About CUSTOM cards, Not slightly Edited Cards, not fakes. Like Completely Custom Art, And Possibly Custom Moves.

Here is an example of the interesting and good custom cards.


Then I like them as an idea. Usually they feel really cheap so i dont spend money on them but the art can be both amazing and terrible.

Theres a guy on reddit currently who has learned to make some customs for his kid. His own art (not great but decent), his own backgrounds, and has been practicing with foil layering. Honestly they look pretty good for custom cards.

Amazing art is really what makes the cards. Bad art can really turn people off of customs.

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@thsigma @lyleberr @Soda_Eesti
I was hanging with this direction, but then Soda, you said “custom moves”… So I wondered what exactly “edited” meant… IDK, I figured I’d give my conception.

As to the original question, considering the above: I personally like custom cards, but only if done well. I think it’s a way artists or collectors can express themselves, but I have rarely found custom cards (or customized cards) as I’ll show below that actually pass my personal bar of quality. Here are a few examples I have.

Custom cards: The card is totally original, though it would also be nice if they didn’t use any icons etc, as that’s IP. The MtG Lands set were custom cards that was so popular, WotC actually paid the creator to mint copies themselves. Note the total lack of any WotC IP. Slick move, WotC. I’ll give you that one.

Costomized cards: They take the form of normal cards, but don’t actually exist as real cards. These are a grey area, IMO and I’d say there’s some IP theft going on here, but they can be really cool when done well. TBH I did commission this steelix because I think he was robbed. ROBBED! :sweat_smile:

Proxies: Have a functional place, but otherwise are simply…
Fakes: Then we get various types of fakes, bootlegs, metals, foiled, etc. Not part of this discussion.

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There’s enough amazing cards out there to collect without custom crap


I was recently wondering if there was a market for “third party” pokemon cards, aka customs, myself.

I know that there are several Chinese companies that produce third party Transformers that sell huge amounts of great quality figures. These are usually of characters in certain scales that haven’t been done yet, or characters that Hasbro or Takara Tomy simply have skipped over and won’t make at this point, so the third party companies make them to fill the gaps for fans.

I imagine that for pokemon cards this would look like certain characters getting a full art or holo treatment that realistically won’t. Could be cool if done well.

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Like this? There is no official move called “Starlight Glow”, I imagine it myself.

(Original artwork is not mine. I helped photoshopped it to become a Pokemon card.)


Found this Instagram page many months ago! Really awesome :goldstar: custom cards, my personal fave is Darkrai :goldstar:! :heart_eyes: Many of his custom cards are 10 times better than some of the lacklustre official :goldstar: cards.

Pokemon company should really hire him to replace some of their current artists and continue to release new :goldstar: like Lugia, Darkrai, etc.

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I have no interest in custom cards.

I like custom cards. I bought a Mona Pikachu recently. Took a photo for my IG.


That is too funny of a card :joy:

I’m not too big of a fan for custom cards, but there sure are a lot of talented folks out there with some amazing designs.


I admire the artwork of customs (many great examples have been shared in the thread) but I wouldn’t personally purchase any to put into a binder. The reason being some aspect of the physical copy is always off: cardboard thickness, font chosen, card layout/spacing, etc.

But I do enjoy the insane talent that humans possess and decide to share with us (Crobat Star, Starry Night Umbreon, and Mona Pika are all so sick).