Old School Base Set Plastic Shopping Bag!

Who remembers this awesome bag? :grin:
I cannot recall exactly where this was distributed, but I believe I got it from a local card shop way back in the day.
My original one was severely beaten up, but I was lucky to recently get this one, never used :grin:
I was looking on ebay for these in hopes of finding some more information or perhaps more about the value but I couldn’t find anything.
Do you guys know more about it or if it was released in the US aswell? :blush:
The artwork is the same on both sides.



Looks very familiar.

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Several trade shows gave these out to everybody who visited the Poke booth. In 1999 at the Los Angeles E3 convention they gave them out at the door as well as at the booth where some of us got their E3 red cheek Pikachus;)


Cool! :grin:
Do you know how rare they are to come by these days and what they could be worth? :blush:

I absolutely love Pokemon ephemera like that bag of yours! Congrats on obtaining one that looks to be in fantastic condition!

@garyis2000 do you happen to have one of the 1999 E3 bags? The @martincollects bag has a 2000 copyright date. I’m interested in knowing if the design happened to change. (Yes, I’m now on a quest to hunt down some Pokemon bags for my own collection!)

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If I have any of those bags they are deeply buried and probably beat up. I didn’t save them as a collectible.
Maybe the bags were reprinted? It looks identical to what I remember though but it was 16 years ago. I do still have some of the Pikachus we (me and my sons) got from there.

Never seen one of these. That is cool!


This looks awesome, if I ever manage to find one that’s nice and fresh online I think I will get it!

I like it.

Thanks! Yes it’s new with just some minor “shelfwear” :grin:
I would be able to help obtaining another one if that’s interesting, but I know that it’s not allowed to sell stuff here so I might be putting one up on ebay in the future :blush:
I would like to know more about the value though, as I cannot find any information online I am curious to know; what would people be willing to give for an obscure collectable like this?

Oh and also you can see that the Wizards logo is the curved one, together with that 2000 (c) mark, so there might very well be an older version out there aswell :blush:

Here’s the original one I had by the way, I never saw it as a collectible as a kid, I just used it to store toys in, so it got super wrinkled and had holes in it :sob: :grin:

Unfortunately as cool as this is I doubt it has much actual worth to be honest, $5-$10 absolute max in my opinion.

That’s way more than theyre worth but…some people would pay much more lol. One of those collectibles conundrums.

Things like this are very interesting. On one hand, it’s just a plastic bag. But then again, Pokemon cards are just pieces of fancy cardboard. I’m not into the whole Pokemon paraphernalia thing, but I know there are some things I’d pay some serious cash for. I believe @darkrai had some EX-series Prerelease posters, and there’s some Japanese-exclusive posters (I recall one for Clash of the Blue Sky) that I would really like to get my hands on.

i think a serious buyer would lay out $20 for the bag if they really wanted it

PSA 10 they would probably go $100.


Damn that’s a mind bag! I would probably agree with acebren and say that $20 wouldn’t be too unreasonable to ask for an item this fresh and old.