Blast from the past (Prices from 1999)

Hi all

Was digging through some old boxes and found some old magazines from 1999. was going through the magazines and i found it really interesting so i thought you guys might have some interest too.

Let me know if guys want any more


Would love some more pictures.

From the looks of it - it seems profitable to be opening 1st ed base boxes even at the inflated box prices.


Very cool; thank you for sharing! The funny thing is that some card prices were actually higher then than now – namely a lot of the Unlimited Base/Fossil/Jungle holos. Even some of the booster pack/box prices were higher than they were 5-10 years down the line. Also interesting to see Troll and Toad there – they were doing Magic since the beginning (late 1993) and I guess they got on board early with Pokemon, too.

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This is exactly what I wanted out of this thread @rob0507 I find it interesting how Japanese booster packs cost double the price and fossil in Japanese was $14 a pack?! Bruh. Seeing those prices from ‘99 also makes me feel like I bought all of my WOTC cards at their best prices ever.


man, you keep your price guides in gem mint condition. some of the best looking mags from 1999…

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“2nd Edition” you say

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Thanks for taking the time to share:)

Does anyone know why 7-11 randomly carried Japanese packs in the USA back in 1999?

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7-11 is a Japanese company so that’s not really surprising.

thanks for sharing!

if you go from looking at these, to similar magazines in 2002 where Base 1st Ed is valued at a quarter of the price, you will have more fondness for people who stuck around during the 2000s slump instead of salt over prices paid :blush:


Ill get some more pictures up when i go back to my parents, bringing back lots of memory’s from the time.

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I remember these prices.

Also specifically remember my local comic book store selling a 1st ed Base Charizard for $150 back then - which was the only 1st ed Base Zard I had ever seen until many years later.

Packs were always $4 all day. Some stores might charge $5 and you always felt like you were getting ripped off in those situations.


Great stuff, love the 10 worst cards page. He can’t think of ANY use for a Devolution Spray…? He can’t have played more than a handful of games ha.

Thanks for posting these.

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Was so surprised when i saw some of those best and worst cards