Pokemon Price Guide - Nostalgia

Was digging through some old magazines and found some interesting old Pokemon articles. Saw this price guide for Base 1st & Unlimited and wanted to share. I’d be happy to honor those prices for people looking to trade in their base holos :rofl:


I am so sick of people getting ripped off. Guys, if you’re in possession of an upper-end condition 1st Edition Base Charizard, I will give you DOUBLE what scratchdesk is paying. I’m just interested in what’s healthiest for the hobby. Thanks.



i will come to you hyper! hook me up with the uppers :wink:

Let’s go back to the 90s


Wow! Look at that 1st ed Charizard price!

Funny that they denoted the rise because by the end of that year they were already over $200

Edit: I’m curious, what month was this release? If I were to guess I’d say either Apr or May?

@jkanly Here it is June 1999:

And here is one from a few issues later in December 1999:


Ok, I’ll try something to get us back to the 90s somehow:


booster box price! :X

I remember Scrye as one of the 2 pricing guides used back in the day

Scrye said:“Note: The 1st Edition prices below are very preliminary. As we went to press, 1st Edition prices were skyrocketing.”

And they’re still skyrocketing 18 years later…

And they’re still skyrocketing 18 years later…
Just between the two issues, Zard tripled in value

1st Ed Charizard went up nearly 8 times.

I love these old magazines, brings the nostalgia back :blush:

I have a price guide where the picture for the 1st edition charizard is shadowed Im not sure if they photoshopped it or what