Old Pokemon Figures

Ive seen a few on ebay, but don’t know what they are called, who made them, etc. They have a BP on them, and a hole on the bottom. I can’t figure out how to upload my own pics so I’ll link an ebay figure I saw. These are old, like 1stgen old.

I wanted to know to maybe ease my search of finding more of these. I only collect the old stuff :blush:

Thanks for the reply. However I don’t believe they are pencil toppers as the holes in the bottom are rectangular. Also on some figures the hole is absent like the slowpoke below.



about halfway down there is a clefairy figure that looks like the clefairy I have. There is a bunch of the figures with numbers on the packages. I can’t copy and paste pictures so I got no clue how to add pics. If someone tells me I’ll add the pic.

Hmm…I remember these. I used to buy them at 7-eleven stores here. They came in a little foil like bag, and you got like 3 or 5 figures in a bag. Each figure came in its own little bag with the pokedex number on it. *Now I feel old…*

These are Pokedex Figures they made the original 151 and togepi to my knowledge.

I’m aware I’m incredibly late here, roughly 2 years, but I just found this, after looking for more info on these figures I collected when I was a small kid, maybe 7 or so. I have about 75 or so of these and tried to get some new ones. Man, they’re getting quite expensive, but it’s fun to see they still can be found around.

Good luck finding them. They are expensive :blush:

Hi! I’m quite late to the party, but I felt I wanted to join anyway. I’ve been collecting these figures since I was a little kid and got them in those red little bags. I have around 80, I believe, so it’s going really slow. But a few days ago, I found 7 new ones on a second hand store nearby, with the same size, markings and hole in the bottom. Problem is, most of them are from the second generation. I thought only first gen figures existed. And another interesting thing about these figures is that they came with small stamps you can fit in the hole below. I figured it might be the next wave or something. They’re of better quality too.
Stamps: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21464986/Pok%C3%A9monfigurer/IMG_8771.JPG
The “new” figures: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21464986/Pok%C3%A9monfigurer/IMG_8769.JPG

EDIT: Upon closer examination, the figures does not have their numbers etched into them along with the “BP”, but rather some japanese (?) letters and the latin letters “SJ”. I do not know what they indicate.

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The ones with the holes I think were toothbrush covers?

These definitely aren’t those figures though.

The holes are way too small for toothbrushes, and these figures are very much alike the earlier ones, so while they’re not the same per se, they’re made in the same style, by the same company (Bandai Pokémon)

Can I see a size reference?
They look like the toothbrush covers.

3DS Game cartrige: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21464986/Pok%C3%A9monfigurer/2014-11-17%2022.41.56.jpg Tootbrush: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21464986/Pok%C3%A9monfigurer/2014-11-17%2022.44.17.jpg
I guess they could be, although I still doubt it. I don’t know the covers you speak of.

Hey I have over 600 pokemon figures…last count I tried to take happened 3 years ago so that number has been quite surpassed a while back. The figures oxol has are a mix. They are Stamper figures, made from 1995/6 until now (newest xy stamps are flat plastic, not really figures). They are made by Banpresto or Bandai, I need to look at 1 of mine to tell. The other figures such as Elekid, are made by Tomy/Audley or Bandai. It should say on the figure and if it says B or BP it is Bandai. I have some very similar figures, and I have a theory. Since only gen 1, gen 2 and gen 3 figures showed up like this (with holes in bottom) and these figures matched the Tomy figures to the wire.

My theory is that Bandai helped meet demands by also producing the Tomy figures. Pokemon was new and huge, and Tomy could not meet demands. They got help and contracted Audley and Bandai and then Hasbro to help market and release the figures worldwide. The same thing happened to the Bandai Dragonball Z Super Battle Collection action figures. They contracted Mattel (South America)and Irwin(North America) to help release the figures worldwide.

Hope this helps, and I will get back and report on who makes those stamper figures soon.

Also I could make a short video featuring some Tomy figures by Tomy/Audley/Bandai/Hasbro and the very minute differences including some that have the holes. I have been very busy but could try to make a short video this week if there is interest.

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I looked again and I can’t tell if Elekid/Bellossom are the stamper figures or the Tomy figures. Please clarify. I guess I need sleep, but just some interesting information anyways.

EDIT: Ok so I misread the post. Seems all the figures oxol has are stamper figures, with hole and same markings. Is this correct? Then those are simply referred to as stamper figures or stamp figures.

Yeah, the ones I posted should all be stamp figures. The reason I posted here was that they’re near identical to the ones I, and the OP, also collects. And I must say, I had never seen any Pokémon figure later than the first generation in this size, quality and the same hole on the bottomside.

The ones OP was talking about are rubber the ones here look plastic.

I have another theory about the tiny holes in the figurines :blush:

In this case, the tiny holes allow them to be mounted onto things like these “carnival rides.” The rides lock together like a jigsaw puzzle, and a crank handle at the end turns the gears, which causes the rides to move.

There were several series of these released in the 1990s. They are known as “candy toys” in Japan because they were sold in small boxes with packets of ramune (soda-flavored) candy tablets.