Old Japanese Dragonball Z cards - No idea what I have here

Hello all - I recently acquired a large Japanese trading card collection. Some of the cards I understand Pokemon, Yugioh etc…some of them I have no idea about including these DBZ cards. They look to have value and seem to be rather old but I can not seem to find these cards anywhere online to compare and I do not have the background to know the character names etc. If someone with a background in DBZ could school me on these I would appreciate it! I took a video of the cards (forgive my fumbling around).


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Sorry for the delay - video has been uploaded now

Not sure what these are, but love the design of them. Please update once you’re able to figure it out :blush:

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I found some information which maybe useful to you.
They look similar to the ones you have, Hope it helps

(There is a lot here)

This one here in particular i can see you have the same card retroballz.net/en/hondan-part-26-2/
(Kid Goku, Pan & Trunks)


Theres a ton of information on this website as well as Youtube videos about the card sets
They look pretty cool :blush:


@pikachutcg ,Thank you!! Very helpful! @seafoamarticuno ,Will do!

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I had a really difficult time liquidation a huge set of DBZ original cards awhile back – But… there was one or two cards significantly leading the pack – With mine there was an equivalent to 1st edition which I think was called Limited

Best of luck!!

Are you selling anything ?