Does anyone know what these are?

Hey I won an auction a long time ago that had Pokemon cards, DBZ, and these cards. I have no idea what anime show this is. They are from 1990-1994 and made by Bandai. I’m looking to sell them on eBay, but I don’t know what they are. Here’s a picture of a few of them:

Thanks in advance!


Look Gundam to me.


Yeah that is the gundam sd super robot wars, I think that is the name of that series of the miniature gundam characters. Made by carddass Bandai as you said, the sets usually involved around 30 odd base cards, and 6 prism cards.

Some of the prisms might have a peel back layer, I remember the dbz Bandai cards can be peeled to reveal an extra prism, I think some of the Gundam prisms can do it too.

The three cards you have all look to be base cards also, so not worth much money :S

Gundam cards go back pretty far, into the 80s. I’m actually trying to unload my prism collection at the moment. I have about 40 odd prims, from various sets 80s-94. If anyone is interested in buying them, they can pm me. Prisms are generally pretty cheap also.

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Reverse image search didn’t yield any results. Looks like Gundam SD. Some chibi art.

Hey thanks. I have a stack of 150-200, no prisms, 1990-1994. I’m just going to list them all together at 0.99 and pray for some bites. I’m doing the same for the the DBZ cards since I don’t know much about them (none of them are prism cards). Some of my DBZ cards are “power level 10”, not sure if that means they’re worth something.

I also got some Kingdom Hearts, Battle Spirits, Dragon Quest, Street Fighter II cards in that same auction I won which I’ll be unloading as well. I’m hoping that since most are from early 1990s, they might be worth something just because of their age, but most likely not.

Any kirby superstar?

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Oh I love Kirby btw!, only know of those gba e-cards that were released once for him.

In regards to the DBZ power level 10 cards, I think that is just part of a particular set print name. DBZ cards just get way to confusing honestly… there is like tons of sets all the way to the mid-late 80s I believe, and no real symbols or format to tell them apart unlike Pokemon. Plus a lot of counterfeits came about which are easier to copy because of that older cheaper prism sticker print.

SF 2 and SF only had a few sets, but are confusing as well, sf 2 ultra, sf 2 turbo, sf zero 2 lalalala, just like the video games its frustrating. Doesn’t hold any incredible value, unless it is the barcode sets from I think 1993, that could fetch $100+, but all sf sets with prisms would be under $100

Dragon Quest is niche like ultraman, Rockman, Slam Dunk, Sailor-moon and various cartoons Bandai carddass made up… many collectors of these don’t even know the cards were printed, and focus on the video game/anime or figures, and just do not search for these cards on ebay. They are all so hard to sell. Probably the only exclusion is some of the higher end DBZ stuff which can fetch some incredible values.

Good luck from 99cents, hopefully you get lucky.

Sorry I can’t help much, probably other people know more about these.

I friggin love kirby and dragon quest (monsters). Highly recommended for any who is seeking out a pokemon-esk gbc game. Dqm caters to a slightly older audience than pokemon.

I’ve seen one kirby carddass set on ebay. Been so tempted lol

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Hey, you’ve been very helpful. I spent a lot of time googling and couldn’t come up with information on the japanese releases. I think most of these sets are niche, but you never know. The lot of cards I had also contained Japanese Horse Jockey cards, which I doubt anyone will bid on, but I’ll give them a go. Also thanks to you guys I was able to find an eBay link selling the same Gundam SD cards, so at least I’ve confirmed the identity of the cards I have. eBay link is below (too bad there is 0 people watching it):

Thanks everybody for your help.