Marvel / Digimon / DBZ / TMNT / Megaman/ NINTENDO/SEGA GAMES

Hey guys,

These are some of the other card sets apart from pokemon which I collect, trade; and sell often.

If you wants to chat about any of the following mentioned, or want to talk about trades, values, and history POST HERE!!

Anyone born in the late 80s, early 90s would definitely like the era of non-sport cards I collect.










Digimon - Does condition matter on these for you Drew?
I know I have a ton of these… I loved these cards.

I don’t often see these cards around, so I mean for me I don’t mind if they are played.

I have a ton of power rangers cards (need to go through). PM me if interested. I also have a ton of 80/90’s TMNT cards — but it will be sometime before I can get to them (they are somewhere in a big huge hoard of cool stuff, I must 1st sell half of other huge hoard of cool stuff before I even have room to get to the older group).

Nice, sounds like you have a massive collection.

Yeah, I am not ready to be buying and completing all those series I mentioned yet. I only can spend money on Marvel / Pokémon and retro games atm.

I’m trying to sell some of my last Japanese digimon cards on ebay atm. But its a hard sale to make… I probs have the price too high.

Digimon, condition matters to me, I still like to collect mint or nm at worst. Double seal, etc.

It would be nice to see other peoples collections.

*** Post some of your favourite pieces or pickups in this thread from outside collections****

Am I going to have to look at that ridiculous animated GIF every time I browse the UPCCC from now on?

I just sold some of my sailormoon prisms, and dbz carddass prisms recently.

Bandai carddass made most of the sailormoon stuff, from two different regions, Japan and Hong Kong.

I’m finding a lot in Hong Kong since I moved here recently, some fetch for about $20-$40 for one prism, but its hard to find those.

Lol japanime!! I’m sorry mate, do you want me to change it to a Hakujin no on’nanoko?:thinking: I’m afraid if I did it would breach forum policy :S too Sekushī.

Oh, and I forgot to mention I started picking up;

Street Fighter

and Gundam cards also.

Yeah a lot of the Bandai licensed carddass prism cards we’re stickers.

I.E from series like;

Street fighter
Dragon Ball z

and various other cartoon series.

I actually picked up a few Digimon cards recently. They look really cool so i couldn’t resist, but i’m trying to stay away from other collectables ATM. Heres some pics:

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Frankly, I’d rather see a Pokemon related signature avatar, or none at all. I really have enjoyed several of your posts, but the avatar is inappropriate for a forum like this. I hope you’ll reconsider. Thanks for hearing me out :blush:

Interesting omnimon and metalgarurumon cards!!!

Support for what? The objectification of women?


Well I don’t think that the gif in his signature supports the objectification of women. To me, it is just a girl making all the cute asian faces and what not that people have come to know. If she did something more sexual, then I would agree with the objectification part. However, I do have to say that seeing that gif (or most gifs for that matter) over and over across forums can get annoying.

It’s just that I prefer not to have my teenage daughter ask me, “Daddy, why are you looking at that sukebe website?” when she sees me browsing the UPCCC.

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Its really hard to find info on identifying the fakeness for these cards; but the biggest give away is the surface area / shininess of the prism. It is the same problem which goes for the fake Pokémon Bandai prism cards.

Easiest method is to look at the prism reflection. If it takes up the entire surface area, there is a chance it could be fake. If you see nice flat glossy print, and it is well centered, and in perfect colour tone. Then it should be legit.

If you refer to the above, where it is pink. If it was fake, that section would continue to be reflective prism print. Early carddass Japanese Bandai productions shouldn’t be entirely prism/reflective, but I think as time went on they started making them fully reflective. I think only dbz, and pokemon carddass cards had a lot of fake productions because they we’re more popular.

Lol! and the .gif haha, I’ve got mixed thoughts about it here. it is so dam old, I’ve used it in forums since 2004… X.X There are a lot worst I could be posting… i might take it off, i’m not sure how to react. admin ?

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If it causes problems, it is best to just get rid of it. UPCCC is not the place to make political statements and all that :stuck_out_tongue: