Odd Overgrowth Theme Deck Box

Hey guys, I just picked up a couple decks but while looking up how to tell if shadowless or not I noticed something weird not mentioned online anywhere. My deck does not have damage counters in the photo on the back. I’ve looked through about 10 others on Ebay and they all do. Do I have some odd variant? Older? Newer?

tl;dr Not shadowless :slightly_frowning_face:


I hate/love thecharizardauthority open stuff. He is always so rough. If you watch the FPO pack opening video closely, you can seem him crease a pack of cards from opening it…i cringed real hard that day

Edit: I wanted to find it and cringe again :confused: 6:35 lower left corners


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That doesn’t seem to be from him…looks like they were creased coming straight out of the pack.

He is literally bending the bottom of the pack right where the cards are bent and then flips the pack to continue opening

Dang way to rain on my parade! :stuck_out_tongue: haha oh well, never really planned to open it anyway :blush: Although I love those original damage counters, going to have to pick some of them up.

I can’t see it. If anything only 1-2 cards are bent, which would not happen if he bent them. If he bent them, all the cards would be bent.

This would be true if all of the cards remained firmly stacked against each other within the pack but since, I’d imagine, while opening, little gaps could be present in between each card which could possibly allow just the top/bottom few cards to crease. In this case the cards on top/bottom, whichever way you look, are bent in a sequential order. Either way, there is no way you could say the pack is gracefully opened.

Chinese decks don’t have damage counters in either. Though I recall them being pictured on the back. I’ll have to check later.

from what I have researched atm I have seen about 2-5 variants of base set decks that do show it can be shadowless but they are not.I’m still trying to find my blackout box I had as a kid to find out if there is a way to find how is it shadowless without the gold stripe.there is more than just the print on the back of the box and the pictures…

From what ive heard, the way to tell if the deck contains shadowless cards, is the box will have a thin gold border around the plastic wrapper