Shadowless Theme Decks

Hi I’ve just found some decks on ebay that look like the ones in this video Unboxing Pokemon Overgrowth Base Set Theme Deck ( Shadowless?!? O.o ) - YouTube

The middle card on the back is positioned infront of the other cards, damage counters are present, and it reads only 1999.

Does this ensure shadowless? Or is it still random?


Still random…

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Is it more or less likely with this kind of deck? or can a deck with 1999-2000 and no counters still pull shadow-less.

There are no confirmed indicators for pre-constructed theme decks to confirm their contents. The usual indicators (dates, packaging, box art) for other base set products do not apply to theme decks.

1999-2000 would be far less likely to contain shadowless cards, if at all.

Unless they have gold strips…,

1999-2000 decks will never contain shadowless

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