Oct 19th - Oct 26th - Scizor - Undaunted

**Card of the week - October 19th - October 26th, 2015****Scizor - Undaunted

Scizor is getting an EX and an M Scizor EX in the XY9 Set. So I thought it appropriate to have a Scizor card as the COTW. I was surprised to find out that Scizor has only been Grass type in the TCG twice, and there has only been 1 Scizor EX (not counting Rocket’s Scizor)**


Wow this artwork looks amazing. Besides it’s really awesome to play comeptetiv in the videogames from time to time :grin:

This is definitely the best Scizor artwork imo. Great choice!

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Ninja style!

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Always a fan of scyther in the jungle set. This is my first time seeing scizor. :blush:

HGSS sets are so underrated. I love the ‘worn’ look on the border so much.

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I always assumed that it was a mixture of gold and silver.

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