Obsidian Flames Stamped Umbreon

Has anyone seen these popping up on ebay from Switzerland of all places?

I know there are GameStop (USA/Canada) and Eb Games (Australia/New Zealand) stamped cards but I don’t remember seeing this one available just the Espeon with the set stamp.

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I just got one but I’m really unsure about it and want to know more! Where has this appeared from??


Only been distributed at local gaming stores in Switzerland so far. Earliest listing was from about three weeks ago.


This seems to be the European version of the American and Australian/New Zealand promo cards. My best guess is they’re being giving out at their equivalent of their EB Games/GameStop. For a while only English versions from Switzerland were popping up, but now some French ones are starting to pop up.

Just wish there was some sort of confirmation about where these are coming from. Weird I haven’t seen nah announcements about these.

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How strange, thanks for the info. I wonder if we’ll get some more alt stamps coming along that haven’t been advertised in advance.

This seller had it at $35 then $45 and eventually sold 50 copies.

The same seller now has it $120.

And another seller over $130.

I am waiting for another country to get this release. I think the value is lower than the asking price right now

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I saw that I actually lost my auction earlier, but I agree that current price seems too much. However, I’m struggling to know what value the card could be. TPCi are useless at communicating releases. For masterset collectors it’s a nightmare! If anyone is able to source any, or find a legitimate source. Please let me know :heart:

Potentially its due to lack of people using Ebay in switzerland. The ebgames promo was released in NZ but no one really listed it on ebay till the AUS copies got released, each store got around 100 copies I believe, possibly the seller is a LCS that got allocated 100 and decided to list theirs on ebay. Just to add on the bandwagon of these promos, these are the ebgames promos that I’m fufilling to across the world.


This kind of release has been done in the Netherlands and Belgium as well with english cards, they have done this since the end of sun and moon with the exception of a few sets. You would go into your local store and if you bought something worth around 20 euro you would receive such a stamped card of the most recent set.

France and Germany also get those but they get them in their own languages.

Iirc this garchomp was the first of those promos (or at least one of the first):

Normally the only english ones were from belgium/netherlands/uk, but it seems the countries get switched up from time to time

Have you heard of this promo appearing in the Netherlands or Belgium?

Switzerland seems like an odd choice for an English promo, but I indeed also see two auctions of these on the local ebay alternative Ricardo.

My bet is the uk will get them very shortly

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I have seen a few appear over here, I could look at my local shops to see if they have the card as well. I dont think it should be worth close to this value, but umbreon tax is real I guess. Others with this release were around 10 euros maximum.


I suspect it’s because there hasn’t been any release info so people are buying on the off chance it is a limited release in Switzerland.

Does anyone have any information on which kind of stores or cities these were distributed in Switzerland?


I don’t. I asked the eBay sellers that are selling 100 copies, and they said they are exclusive to Switzerland with no other details

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Thanks to @primallugia for sharing their support ticket. Looks like will be distributed in other countries (probably EU only) soon!


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This is great news! I didn’t think this was a $100 card, not even the original $35 when it first popped up on eBay. Thanks for sharing

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This is awesome. Glad to hear that it’s not some super limited thing honestly. Best news all month.

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Thanks for the info this is great news this should be easier to get soon! Does anyone know if this was the case for this Gamestop stamped equivalent Tinkaton card?

Or did this remain a limited release in Switzerland? Also is there is a good resource anywhere to keep track of set logo stamped promo cards?