Why didn’t Scott ever think of this :wink:

WTB: 1999 SSB No.2 Trainer label. Must be genuine PSA Gem Mint 10. Willing to pay thousands of $$$.

I need this to slab a repro trophy card being ordered by someone who posted a blog vey recently about nasty UPCCC members collecting fake Japanese trophy cards. :blush:

These young kids and their entrepreneurial spirit, what will they think of next! :blush:

I laughed out loud at this. I had to close out and re-open it to make sure it was real.

And we were discussing the ethics of cutting up card sheets and selling them. How about cutting up and selling PSA cases? Haha.

I have a bid of $1,700 on it, this baby is mine! I hope he includes the extra shards I see there.

This is genius xD

I remember back in '99 on the old FREE Yahoo auctions (I got to 1001 rated then they started charging so i quit them;) someone put up an empty 1st ed base poke box and we all laughed like crazy. Now empty boxes like that are bringing 100.00 lol.

Just sold an empty box off auction for 119.90 lol

That’s just crazy! Congrats on the sale. Didn’t realise there’s a market for those boxes. Nestor

It is crazy isn’t it Nestor. Rusty has sold a couple in the 100.00 range I believe.