Nov 20th - Nov 26th, 2014 - Charizard - Stormfront

Card of the week - Nov 20th - Nov 26th, 2014****Charizard - Stormfront

Stormfront was a love letter to Base Set without being a straight reprint, and in my opinion the only DPP era set worth a damn. Loved this Charizard re-illustration ever since I first saw it. I am always amused by the Green Wings as well.
Favourite Stormfront card(s)?

Ahh I love this card.
Dug through a bargain bin at a toy store near my house once for the last remaining, and my first ever Stormfront pack. Told my friend who I was with that I was buying it for the Zard reprint. Opened it in the car and boom. Still one of my most loved cards I own to date.


Lumineon = beautiful

I’m not sure which set it’s from off the top of my head. But I love the base rattata redo :blush:

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