Not-a-Pikachu icecream collaboration promo

It seems there is official release information from the website pokeguardian. Link below.

Hey guys, i found out about this new promo a few days ago from a friend.

You basically buy an icecream popsicle, eat it all the way through, then see if your popsicle stick has the words “winner”.

No information yet as to how this could be claimed / submitted.

Winning popsicle sticks have been selling for a good amount on ebay japan, as seen in the photo.


fruit roll up charmander

Cool! I hope that the card you get has some awesome artwork.

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Excited to see what the card is.

If you get 6 ice lollies in a box which, based on the 555 JPY sale likely retails for 500 JPY ($4.67) or less, and people are prepared to pay 16,666 JPY ($156) for a winning stick, that presumably means that 16,666 JPY could buy you around 200 of the ice lollies (33 boxes) yet some people believe the win rate to be lower than 1 in 200.

I must say I like how the world is just getting through coronavirus and this company think it’s a good idea to run a competition involving people sending in sticks that have been in their mouths.


the card you get is a V card Zarude


So all those popsicles for a gold monkey stamp.

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Ah! I stand corrected, seems the above is already confirmed.

Kind of disappointed with the card, I hoped at least since it’s 3DCG, that they would make an exclusive alternate artwork of Zarude V for this specific lottery promo.

My friend ToineLay photoshopped this card together last week (Not Real), and it looks much more awesome! :wink:



Exactly… all those popsicles for a gold stamp is pretty dissapointing.

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Mystery solved lol, I was wondering why popsicle sticks were selling for so much on mercari

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So now there are quite a few copies on eBay now. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this card and it’s future growth? Seems like an interesting and limited release. However not the greatest Pokémon and nothing special besides a gold stamp… Have there been any similar promos in the past?

Ash Greninja EX. Very expensive now.

Kind of disappointing not going to lie.

But of course greninja is way more popular than zarude, so apart from the age of the card, the ash greninja is also more popular.

As for the gold stamp, normalli I dont really like stamped cards. But I think this stamp is rather funny