No Rarity Base set Japanese 1996 complete or not

Hi fellow collectors! This is my first written post though i have been reading alot. As a No Rarity collector this site has helped me a lot, most thanks goes to you guys who found out the differences between base set and the red/green gift set in certain cards. Now i have many duplicates od the OG :pray::facepunch:

I have a complete NR set with about 9 in average. Im also working on a full PSA set and i lack one psa-graded card and that will be finished (worst card 8). The mixed set includes psa,bgs and cgc

But one thing im wondering. For example in psa regisry set there is no energies and in the 1995/96 corocoro poster about the No Rarity set the energies were clearly there and i have also collected them. Any opinions? My opinion is clear: Because i have all the energies as psa 10 as No Rarity from 1996, they must be included when talking about complete set :grinning::grinning:

Would also like to connect with other No Rarity -collectors here, please show off what you got :grinning:. Any data about how many graded collections there exists?

Ps. I do collect other Pokemon cards as well, but there is something special about the NR. Probably only other NR collectors understand me :laughing:

I quite recently started and IG #clpokemon, feel free to follow. I mostly put posts about cards on my collection etc normal stuff heh


I guess there’s no way to tell the difference between Base Set and Base Set No Rarity for energies because neither of them have rarity symbols


Welcome @kbab! No rarity is a great set and it’s what I started with and still buying today. Still undervalued in my opinion :slight_smile:

I think what @salaryyy said is correct. For some reason CGC designates a difference in their pop report for their energy cards. I’ve been meaning to look into this actually

Of course, there’s the double colorless energy but that one is sorted out.

I’ve seen a handful of people collect full binder sets, full 8 and 9 sets, all the way up to complete PSA 10 sets like Dubsy and @jonandek (I believe).


Thanks guys!

That must be the reason, but

  1. They are energies from the base set or at least exactly same energies
  2. No base set is complete without energies
  3. And they are No Rarities per se.

I see some similarities to machamp in the english set that comes as 6 different versions as first edition and one doesnt even have the 1st ed stamp. It is a while ago i dig into machamp 1999 english so please forgive me if my memory has let me down :grinning:

Looked at that cgc chart and that is very interresting actually! Please keep us updated when you dig into that.

Im very glad to hear there is other collectors out there. In PSA some cards are very low pop so it is absolutely impossible that there would be over 2 psa 10 sets out there (for example computer search is pop 3 as psa 10 and i have one of the three). Mixed collections there could be more of course, but also impossible to have a bgs 10 set because for example venusaur has 3 9.5s and im one of the three lucky and no graded better.

Cgc i haven’t dug into, but after the 9.5 - 10 move this summer i would guess there must be a full 10 set or even many out there. I have also those old 9.5 that i will reslab to 10s.

Anyone happen to have an extra psa 8+ no rarity? I would be interrested to trade and maybe some money also could be involved.

And i 100% agree that No Rarity is underrated. I also feel some day it will blow like a bomb :joy:. Or maybe i hope so heh


Congratulations! It’s a great goal to collect this set :slight_smile:

I recently finished mine and I’m very happy with it.

Just followed you back on IG. :grinning:



I noticed you on IG :grinning::grinning:.

Haha the poster you have there is something i have been looking for some time now and im very close to order it :sunglasses:.

Congrats on your complete set :pray:

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You would not mind to change that to a psa 8+ and make a good deal with me :grinning::grinning::grinning:.

JK, nice card. It is extremely hard to find decent centered NR cards overall.

This might have gone out of my hands, but i just went thru my collection and noticed i have a special love against Gust of wind lol. Found 2xpsa10, 3x psa9 and 1xpsa7.


ld i get worried :joy:?

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Welcome to E4! Love this set as well. I still think Japanese base in general is very underrated


The card looks better than 6 IMO, but the PSA is always hard with expensive scarcity rare TCG or Sport cards. I hope you will find a good deal mate.

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Always mate

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Hi. Been working hard, but had some time to cards as well. I just replied in the og post about the NR/gift set problem because i actually thought PSA would have fixed the pop, but i was way too naive.

I feel you, I really do. I submitted for this weeks PWCC weekly ending in 24h Gust of Wind No rarity PSA 10 ane one PSA 8 (NOT the gift version, all i have is OG :smiley: ). I have now 4xPSA10, 4xPSA 9 and not sure how much more or with bgs/cgc there might be heh.

Im happy im not the only one, but i must defend my self. I do have many copies of many other cards also (5-6 x Zard between 7-9 PSA/BGS and AUTO and sketch Arita, Venusaur Auth AUTO Arita and some more from PSA and the from BGS 3, (7), 8, 9, 9.5 (pop 3, no higher)- Well as i think about this it starts going a little bit on the crazy side haha. Maybe i must Focus on my PSA set and sell some others or then i must do BGS/CGC -sets also and maybe one more PSA set. And the craziness continues :smiley:

So you are actually quite ok if your love is mostly only for GoW :rofl: