No Collectibles Before You Were Born

Let’s say you weren’t allowed to own any collectibles that were released before you were born.

What do you have to get rid of that you currently own?

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Wouldn’t have to get rid of anything, I collect for nostalgic purposes so mostly lean towards stuff I wanted/had as a kid


I’d have to get rid of an original cover Appetite for Destruction album that was banned before being re-released with the famous cross cover.

I’d also have to get rid of all my WW2 memorabilia.


Everything early WotC, most notably my Shadowless Charizard. :slightly_frowning_face:

My 1952 and 1953 Topps and Bowman Baseball cards (no I don’t have a mantle:(

My 1920s science fiction pulps.

Decent amount of coins.

I think that’s it?


Nothing :blush:

I might have to get rid of a few NES games due to their original release date, but 9/10 games I own are for Sega’s Mega Drive which didn’t get out till 1988, two years after I was born. Besides that, I can happily keep hold on to everything I collected over the years.
*takes a deep breath*
Aww the smell of the early 90’s

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My father once had a Stamp in his possession from 1903. When he showed it to me I had this thought that not a single person in my family, or even extended family tree still living was alive when that stamp was made.

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Two of my collections almost in entirety and a solid chunk of a third. :sob:

Coin collection. Stein/Breweriana collection. Solid chunk of my video game collection.


I have a few items that I consider collectible that’d I’d have to part with:

Number of coins I collected a long while back.
Big stash of old Atari 2600 games
UMC Derby Roll coin operated “Arcade”
Wilson Ringer coin operated “Arcade”
Baffle Ball coin operated “Arcade”
1909 Victrola and tons of 78s
Mills 78 Jukebox
Bunch of Honda Cub motorcycles
Ducati Bronco motorcycle
1944 BSA M20 motorcycle
various other old bikes…

There’s probably a bunch of things I’m forgetting!

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1952 Topps Unitas. I’m a Louisville fan and bought it to go with a small Louisville collection I started.

I follow a guy called @kentuckybasketballcards on Instagram. He may be the nicest & most humble card collector out there. Although he does live stream about 8k of sports case openings a week for his own collection. I traded for the card at the National Sports Card Convention in Chicago this year with him.

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A few NES items. Nothing Pokemon-wise.

I would only have to get rid all my WOTC… so 2 cards lol

Edit: And a lot of old US coins

Some video/pc games. Not that many, but some.
The main problem would be the record collection. Mainly jamaican music 60-80s. That would be a disaster.

My spouse. :rofl:


A copy of The Divine Comedy from 1892
A mountain of Football (soccer) programmes
All my Rocky 1 and 2 posters!

I don’t like this game

My late grandmothers bird trading cards, she got from her father, they came in cigarette packs long ago I think. Some coins. Some Garfield stuff. And 1 random chewbacca figure.

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I used to have a rock collection as a kid… does that count? :blush:


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