Ninetales Shadowlss Base Error (No Damage Counter)

Hey guys,

I think I may have posted something about this card regarding rarity, but now I’d like to inquire about the prices.

From what I understand, and from the replies I’ve received, they’re above average in rarity. I think it’s safe to assume this is the major value factor.

So, I guess the real question is, “What’s a comparable card in terms of rarity?”

I have 3 of these now; 2 in Ex-NM, and 1 that is graded a psa 6

Any thoughts on values of these cards?



3? Holy smokes! My boyfriend and I tried like CRAZY recently to pick 2 up, but they both slipped through our fingers at the last seconds… :slightly_frowning_face:

There was an EX one that the seller was going to sell to me for $100 and a NM one that ended on eBay at a little over $200. I actually was shocked at how low that went. We were winning the auction then got snipped at the very (literally) last second by one of those auto-bid websites… >>;

I would easily shell out $200-250 for a NM one and $300+ for a MINT one. ‘EX’ condition is where I think it runs into some grey areas. Yes, it’s a super rare card, but I’m also still a picky collector… lol So it depends on how much/what kind of damage an ‘EX’ condition card has to determine the price.

These are all prices based on what I personally would pay and what I’ve seen them sell for in the last 2 months. :blush: