Ninetails Error

Does anyone know the history of this card?

Ninetails Error (missing the 80 from Fire Blast)

I’d like to know how many might have been printed and where exactly they came from i.e. theme decks or misprinted booster run etc.

anything would help.


Really nice find! The best error card in my opinion, and one of the rarest, if not the rarest. I’ve heard conflicting stories. I heard from a few sources that it was included in the very first Shadowless Brushfire theme decks. But I’ve also heard from sources that it was included in early Shadowless packs. Therefore we’re basically at square one lol, or it was in both. The one thing we know conclusively is that it was included in the earliest prints then revised.

Thank you! Yes, I was truley excited about this one. I’d like to get it authenticated (w/o grade) by PSA just to slap a case on it.

I think we’ve been talking to the same people.

It seems it would have more likely come in the Brushfire pre-con deck. Just a hunch.

I’s still really like to nail down a number on how many of these errors were actually made. I think I’ve heard maybe 2,000…

That was my hunch too, but a hunch is still a hunch.

There is no way to put a # on how many. But we do know there’s lots of demand and little supply for them. Someone got a figure for the dark dragonite error from Wotc but it will never happen again.