Nidoking Question - Shadowless PSA 7 vs Unlimited PSA 9

I’ve always been a Nidoking fan. I’ve got two offers. One for a PSA 9 Nidoking unlimited or I can pick up a PSA 7 Shadowless Nidoking. Both cards are great but trying to decide between the two for my collection. Leaning towards the shadowless but wanted some opinions.



Shadowless would be my pick.


+1 shadowless


I would get both


Get a PSA 6 Shadowless that looks clean. Also get a PSA 7-8 Unlimited.
You will have both variants for the price of 1

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Shadowless. I got my 1st Ed copy recently and this version has the nice bold colours :purple_circle::


Shadowless for sure.

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The answer is never unlimited


People hate on unlimited so much, but they’re an incredible bargain for the same artwork.

I would guess that 99% of Base Set 1st Ed or Shadowless bros never owned a 1st Ed or Shadowless card as a kid. Unlimited is where your nostalgia comes from, but you don’t want to admit that because they’re cheap and plentiful. :eye: :lips: :eye:


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Nostalgia isn’t about re-creating your past experience 1:1. Most people growing also only had heavy played cards and mostly commons. Am I not doing it right unless I have a dirty sticker ridden 3 ring binder with a bunch of played commons?

It’s about recapturing the vibe. Any base set card does that. But as an adult you can now buy the cards you would have wanted as a child, in really good condition.


I suggest PSA 8.5 base 2, to bother everyone while you’re enjoying the superior version

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The higher up the more valuable cards you get they definitely grade harder so you’ll find a great condition psa 7 shadowless if you scout about for the right one. To put this into context 6 psa 9s my friend regraded in the hopes of 10s came back 5 8s and a 7.

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Of course, there is no right or wrong way to collect. :slight_smile:

I’m just sick of people hating on Unlimited WoTC print runs because their value is lower. If someone wants to enjoy the art and does not concern themselves with the value of their cards, they should be encouraged to collect the Unlimited prints to get more bang for their buck.

It’s a little different with Base because Shadowless/1st Ed have major differences in saturation, which can be desirable from an art perspective beyond the added value.


Shadowless for sure, PSA 7 near mint shadowless holos are a great bang for your buck imo


No reason to have a PSA 7 card in plastic. Start a nidoking or Base set binder and go shadowless.

Or save up for a PSA 9 shadowless, PSA 10 unlimited, or 9/10 Japanese base.

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But in this case presumably the value is the same or close between the two. It’s more of a question of rarity vs condition. The general preference here is rarity > condition which is why more people would go with shadowless.

PS shadowless is unlimited

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For a binder, I would care far more about condition than rarity if the artwork is identical. For slabbed cards that I never intend to sell or speculate on (and where the artwork is identical), I would also prefer condition over rarity. Maybe I am the outlier here?

??? I don’t think anyone would clump Shadowless and Unlimited together, even if both do not contain a 1st Ed stamp. Didn’t WoTC define Unlimited as print-to-demand, which Shadowless was not?

This is why the best answer to me is just a binder with first edition/shadowless/unlimited all side by side :wink: of course, harder to swing financially for decent condition copies.

Also, in an effort to not derail this thread…I would choose shadowless personally, but my recommendation is you should choose based on what you want to collect.


Personally I would go with the shadowless. But if they’re the same price, I would just pick the one that you want the most or the one that you don’t see too often. I’m guessing eventually you’ll have both one day, so just lean towards whichever one will make you happy :slightly_smiling_face:

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