Nick's Collection

Old Skool Pokemon Collection:

While my main passion is buying and selling cards/items on eBay, I do have a few cards/items that I have put aside into my own, personal collection.

These first few items aren’t that impressive, but I’ve added them into my collection because these were the first few items I bought for re-sale in my eBay Store. And who knows, maybe in the future these items will actually be worth money!

**25 NEW/SEALED Promotional Set (Promo) Entei #34 Cards
50 NEW/SEALED Promotional Set (Promo) Marill #29 Cards

2 Pokemon Necklaces and 1 Pokemon Key Chain**

I really enjoy the artwork of these next few cards. While I don’t know too much about these cards at this point - just haven’t done the research - I’d really like to complete this card set at some point in the future.

32 Non-Shiny BANDAI Cards
7 Non-Shiny BANDAI “Charizard” Cards
6 Shiny BANDAI Cards

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Here are the few P.S.A. Graded cards I’ve kept for my own, personal collection.

PSA GEM MINT 10 “d” Ed. Butterfree
PSA GEM MINT 10 Entei #34
PSA GEM MINT 10 Ancient Mew

Looks great! Can’t wait to see what else you add :blush:

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You’re definitely living up to your name :sunglasses: Great stuff!
I wonder if there will ever be a Clefable that’s Gem Mint… Must be worth a fortune :dizzy_face:

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Love the Bandais Nick:)


That would be AWESOME to see a Gem Mint 10 Clefable, I’d love to own one! Along those same lines, has anyone ever even seen a Mint 9 Clefable? There’s a few out there, but I’ve never even seen one up for sale on eBay :slightly_frowning_face:


Not sure if you remember, but all of the Charizard Bandai cards came from you a really long while back.

Here’s the remaining things in my collection…

First up are the loose cards I’ve collected or plan on collecting:

PRERELEASE Pokemon Cards (I’m still missing one version of Aerodactyl)
"W" Stamped Promo Cards (I’m still missing a lot of these cards)
SEALED U.K. and U.S.A. version of Ancient Mew
German 1st Ed. Base Set Error Bulbasaur (Notice Bulbasaur on left - Error is on bottom center under “Resistance”)

These next cards were apart of the very first cards that I sent into P.S.A. for grading. I later bought the frame from a seller on eBay and have it hanging in my “eBay Office” :blush:

PSA GEM MINT 10 Japanese Misty’s Tears - “Naked Misty”
PSA GEM MINT 10 Japanese Koga’s Ninja Trick - “Swastika”
PSA GEM MINT 10 Japanese Sabrina’s Gaze - "Flipping the Bird"

The final aspect of my collection is the booster packs. Now, a little back story first… A few years back, I had this collection SO CLOSE to being complete! However, I was stupid and decided to sell off this collection. I do have proof of my old booster pack collection if anyone wants to see how close I really was:

Anyway, here’s the booster packs I have right now. If anything, I will complete this collection at some point in the future!

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Framed graded Pokemon cards look so distinguished :] I would love to frame something at some point, there are a number of good custom framing sites.

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I second this! If PSA would grade FPO cards, I’d frame them in a heartbeat. Such a cool conversation piece, having some unique graded cards framed.

That booster pack collection is awesome! I hope you can restore it to it’s full glory!

I know whenever I try, I seem to cave and open them all LOL!

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Really? That’s cool:)

I’m really, really, really hoping to complete this booster pack collection within the up-coming year; before these booster packs increase in value yet again!

I know what you mean though! I’m like that with the 1st Ed. Base Set booster packs; it’s really hard to keep those unopened.

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