NHL Lil Sport Brat Keychains

Ok so I have had this collection going from when I was younger. It is an inexpensive item to collect so it is much more friendly on my wallet than pokemon :slightly_smiling_face:

These little guys are called Lil Sport Brats made by JF Sports in Canada. They are PVC molded and hand painted keychains. When I was younger, about 7 years old, I saw these guys at a hockey game and thought they were the coolest thing (I was sheltered as a kid). I bought a few of the different teams and just kept going overtime.

They range in price from .99-$15 a piece. I have only purchased a couple above $10 so they are very nice as far as prices go. I really just like the colors and each logo. I have all of the current NHL teams and the 4 recent teams that were relocated because of financial issues.

The first lil brat I ever got was the St Louis Blues white goalie with the red stripes on his arms, he is in the second picture with the where’s waldo colors. I lived in St louis and they are my favorite team so they have to be the densest part of the collection!

Anyway just thought I would share this since I put a descent amount of time into getting them!



I was like why is this interesting, and then I clicked on the pictures. There’s so many of them! And they look awesome on the shelf all lined up like that. Is that a special shelf btw, it looks very shallow and wide… perfect for those keychains all lined up.

(Pokémon cards all lined up like that would look amazing. AMAZING!)

haha well I ordered it off of ebay, it is made for train collection but worked perfectly for those guys.

And putting up pokemon cards like that would be cool. I would worry about sunlight but if they are all graded they would have UV protection.