New to collecting Pokemon cards.... again

So 12/13 years ago I originally started, at the end of which I probably threw away my card after someone stole my shiny’s out of my pocket one P’E lesson at school…

Now I decide it would be fun to collect them all! starting from the beginning, so I have a few questions.

  1. the best place to buy them? ebay?

  2. Is there an order of preference? 1st ed? mint?

I also just bought a card on ebay which from the photo looked legit, but on googling the card I can only find shiny pictures with different hp and attack…

so 3) is there a website the has a photo of every single card for comparison?

This is the card in question$T2eC16JHJF0FF,Esfq1mBRWwnw07uQ~~60_12.JPG

hopefully you can see it, but what do you think? fake?

edit: After A LOT more googling I found similar cards from a different set 11/62 and it looks the same…


There’s 2 kinds of that card. THere’s a holo version and a non holo version.

Ebay is always good to to search for the cards you want and to get an idea of the value of a card by checking completed listings. As for an order of preference, thats down to your own opinion really. I personally enjoy collecting old first editions

ebay is one of the best places to find deals sometimes and it realy depends what you prefer mostly and what you want to collect everyone has their own ways of doing collecting