New Paypal UI


My initial reaction is that it’s awful.

EDIT: On further inspection it’s not THAT bad.

It’s alright, though I needed to file a claim earlier today, and couldn’t figure out how to do it with the new UI (eventually saw what to do) lol.

I don’t see why they changed it, everything was quite easy to use and understand, now its quite confusing

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It can be disabled (for now at least). :blush:

Some of locations of the menu options seem to be somewhat counter intuitive or too simplistic. It seems as if less is not always more in this case. Then again, when ever any website’s UI is changed even if it is for the better the initial response is usually to hate it just be it is different that what you are used to.

mind telling how

There was a link on the bottom left of my settings (cog icon) page next to the help contact and security links named classic site

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