New, need help "ID"ing card

I’m making this short, sweet, and simple as I’m quite new to the whole cataloging and finding out the rarity of cards. I’ve been spending the last two hours going through my old card collection from when I was young, the bulk of them being mid-late 90’s till the mid 2000’s. I’ve come across a card I couldn’t find anything on whilst visiting some sites, and I’m not sure if I just cannot find anything on it, or if it’s some kind of knock off. I’ll provide some reference images along with this, the majority of the information being it’s a 1996 Pocket Monsters holographic Charizard, level 78.

Please help me ID this card?

It is from the Neo 2 9 card promo from Japan.

They are common now but still Good looking card and welcome to the Forums :grin: dont forget to post in this Thread


That is an amazing card

Thanks! I don’t know why I couldn’t find it, I was going between three different sites that had a catalog of all cards and currently market price, but the card just didn’t show up. I was looking for roughly two hours for anything on just one card.

I love that card, mine is sealed inside its neo binder.