New Guy

I am active on several forums of other topics but this is my first Pokemon forum.
I did not see a place for new guy intros so I thought here would be good.

Let me start by saying I am NEW to pokemon. I don’t collect myself but I am an amature picker and I find TONS of cards. Most I am sure are worthless but I thought I would educate myself and learn more from people who really do know.

This all started because my 10 year old son just asked if he could have his brothers old cards. His brother is 23 and collected when he was 8-12 or so. So I dug out a box and found all of the binders with cards. I must say my oldest son was obsessed with his cards being nice. He bought them put them in a book and never took them out. A few years ago he sold his yugioh collection. He still had them all in the original wrappers.

I hope to look around and learn and maybe offer some advice on things I know about (ebay, vinyl records, military items etc…)


Welcome to our community. I’m a member from Australia. My kids and I collect Pokemon cards, mostly Japanese cards at this stage. My 10 year old son introduced me to Pokemon more than a year ago.

This is a very good community to be involved in, with lots of excellent members who are always ready to help. Feel free to ask questions and share your collection. I’d be interested to hear what your son has collected over those years. I’m sure your 10 year old would be thrilled as well.

I hope you enjoy your time with UPCCC.

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Thanks for the welcome.

Here are some pics of the cards I have now-