"New Guy"

Hey everyone,

Just thought I would introduce myself on here. I signed up a few months ago but never got round to doing much here…anyway, I’m literally in awe with some of the collections I’ve seen on here!! I can only hope to have a collection like that one day…

Anyway, I’d love feedback/recommendations on my collection, which can be found at: pokemonthebus.0sites.org/


Glad you’ve posted Phil, and welcome. You have awesome cards!

Try to get the last two Lucky stadiums to get that completed. You can find individual ones for cheap if you wait long enough. The entire set goes for a lot more for some reason.

Its a really well rounded collection, especially around the older cards which is plain awesome. You have a #00 WHF Vending sheet, that’s cool. And I want your Natte Wake Pikachu!

Hey, thanks for your replies. I will certainly work on your recommendations and when I’m done I’ll let you know!

I think you’re doing all the right things. And the fact that you’re taking it at your own pace is great. Too many people rush into buying an expensive card without thinking whether they’re willing to make that commitment (or whether they can afford it)

Let us know if you’re after more suggestions!

Thanks Dogma! I have been known to jump in but I’ve not run into any financial troubles as a result, so it’s not too bad!

I’m always up for suggestions, they’re very welcome! I literally can’t believe smprattes collection, I can tell you that in 2-3 years when I’m 23 I WON’T have a collection like that! I have no idea how he does it…

That is years of time, dedication and of course money put into that collection. His collection is arguably one of the best! But the major key to collecting cards of high rarity is opportunity. You may have the money to buy them but if none are for sale…well its hard to purchase. I have been collecting since i was about 8 or 9. So roughly 10 years and just recently within the last two have all the stars aligned and I was able to add some cool stuff. Imo a good part of collecting is right place, right time. Anyway your collection is great! And Dogma is right, don’t rush into the expensive stuff without really considering it.

Just serves to remind me how great the artwork is on many of the e-series cards. Really wish I had bought more of those.

Best comment ever.

The e-series just have amazing artwork. What a time to lose interest in the game :slightly_frowning_face:

Some very random comments there? What spurred on the e series comment? I will be uploading my e series cards soon! :blush:

Presumably he looked through your collection?

You don’t need a reason to talk about the e-series cards. They are plain awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

You had already uploaded pictures of quite a few… I simply enjoyed looking at them.

Haha, I was going to make a ‘new guy’ post as well. You have a very nice collection, I ran across it on Google earlier today :3

Man I need a lot of those for my collection XD