NEW! Binder Spine Labels for Pokemon Base - Crimson Invasion

UPDATE 12/7/17: Fixed an error in the icon for Crimson Invasion

UPDATE 11/9/17: Shining Legends and Crimson Invasion added.

UPDATE 8/8/17: Burning Shadows added.

UPDATE 5/9/17: Guardians Rising added. Corrected Hoopa art on XY11.

UPDATE 3/29/17: Just finished up making 1" Binder Spine labels for all sets. Links below. In the next week I will be updating the artwork for the 1/2" set with the new box scans from @gottaketchumall

Sample image with Artwork:

Sample image without Artwork:

1/2" and 1" Versions Available in these designs:

  • White background with center set logo
  • White background with top set logo
  • Artwork background with center set logo (alternate artwork available for some sets)
  • Artwork background with top set logo (alternate artwork available for some sets)

See all the set samples here:
Sample 1/2" Binder Spine Labels here:
Sample 1" Binder Spine Labels here:

Download the PDFs to print yourself here:

Printing tips:
When I printed I used 8.5"x11" photo paper and printed to the edge. I think the spines may look a little better if printed slightly larger using 8.5"x14" photo paper. Perhaps at 105-110% image size. If I get some paper soon I’ll test it out. Also when printing I had to “Print As Image” from Adobe Acrobat else it would just spit out a blank page. To cut the spines out I used a box cutter with a fresh blade. You can also use a matte cutter or Fiskars Paper Trimmer which are available from WalMart or online.

In order to print borderless (if your printer is capable):

  • Go into the PDF file through the Adobe software (not the browser)
  • Click Print
  • Under Page Size and Handling print to “Actual Size”
  • Then click “Page Setup…” at the bottom. IF your printer supports borderless, you will be able to change the 4 margin boxes from “1” to “0”. If not, the boxes are grayed out and un-editable

Let me know if you see any errors or have any trouble with the links/ downloads!

Special Thank You:
Thanks @gottaketchumall for helping me with all the WotC box scans! Vastly improved the visual quality of the new spine labels!


This is awesome. Great work. I’ve been thinking for nice ways to label my binders as currently it is just my chicken scratch on paper. My issue is that each set is in a 3" binder with other sets, but this will be amazing for anyone set up like yourself.

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WOW awesome work, Love them. now if only I used binders lol.

This is awesome! Great idea and thanks for sharing your hard work with everyone!

Wow wow wow. Thank you. These will come in handy as i aim to comolete all sun moon sets. Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback all! I have tried to print these and getting some mixed results. Having issues with the rendering at the bottom of some of the sheets. Not sure if it’s my printer or another issue, will try another printer next week. These were designed using the avery 1/2" binder spine template so it should be possible to buy those and print on them.

Needed this, much thanks bud.

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These are wonderful! Makes me want to switch all my sets over into individual binders!


As a side note Avery 1/2" binders fit perfectly in banker boxes.


Got my spines printed out finally. Came out looking great, but seems to take the right type of printer and setup to work 100%.

Printed out the PDFs (as images) with no border on a near pro quality HP printer with some photo paper, results:

Cutting them out is another task though, I use a ruler and a fresh box cutter blade, works pretty well.


Wow awesome job! Most of my binders are the Pikachu Ultra Pro ones. Has anyone tried placing the label on these types of binders? @scratchdesk these are truly beautiful! It will definitely bring life to the monotonous yellow color of my binders.

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Nice! Looks great on the photo paper

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Thanks! I had one person mention they were going to try to, but not sure if they were successful or not. They mentioned using:

As recommended by:

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Thanks, I appreciate it! I’m gonna give it a try and i’ll let you guys know. Either way, this is a bad ass contribution to the forum :wink:!


Awesome! Post pics once you get it done!

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@scratchdesk I will man, can’t get over how great these look!

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Can you please name your price and inbox me. I might collect sets just to use these spine labels. Wow.


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That would be pretty nice!

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Heya, got your message and haven’t heard back from you via PM. Not sure if messages are borked or you just hadn’t gotten around to checking it out. Anyways let me know when you can.

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