Need Japanese GET Eevee+PLAY Espeon & Umbreon

If anyone can help I am on my last two cards to fining my Japanese gold star shining set. Of course I saved the best for last and need Espeon and Umbreon. Can someone help me for a reasonable price? I am also in need of the 500 pt GET Eevee for a good price. I already have the Porygon. Thanks to anyone that can help

Update: I need to also purchase a Japanese Shining Gyarados

Hello, how much are you willing to spend on the Eevee? Thanks!

I’m willing to pay full current selling rate. Can anybody throw out some numbers of what you have seen them sold for? I saw one sell at $200 and one is listed at $400 with a best offer feature but the seller is not accepting realistic offers. Tell me what you have and how much you think you would part with it.

People here suggested $200-300. I didn’t see any recent sales on ebay but the card trades frequently on Yahoo Japan. Recent Y!J sales ranged from 11K to 19K Yen at an average of about 14K ($180).

That would be ok with me except I don’t know how to use Y!J (sad face)

Just use google chrom to translate ir

Ok, I just got google chrome and figured out how to translate it. I am still having problems searching. Do I look in shopping or auctions? Also what do I put in the search because when I type Eevee nothing comes up. I don’t know if this need to be in Japanese or what I’m doing wrong.

Do you still need that espeon?

Yes, I would still like it pending price?