Need Shining Charizard, Gold Star Espeon & Umbreon

I am in need of a Shining Charizard from the Neo Destiny set. Must be near mint at least and prefer unlimited but will take 1st edition for the right price.

Also looking for Pop 5 shining gold star Espeon 16/17 and Umbreon 17/17. Must be Near mint or better

I can pay through paypal but also have a couple cards I can trade. They include:

-Shadowless 1st ed base set holos- the ones I have left are listed on my ebay page:

-near mint no HP error Dark Persian card
-mint reverse holo Skyridge crystal Charizard 146/144
-mint reverse holo crystal Crobat 147/144
-mint holo crystal Golem 148/144

Please message me to see if you would like to trade or sell. Thanks

I have espeon pop and umbreon pop let me now.

English please

I could also use a near mint condition Umbreon from Neo Discovery 13/75 if anyone has one available