Looking to get as many Neo cards as I can

I’m looking for Neo Cards Preferably unlimited but 1st addition is okay too, I am also preferably looking for English cards but Japanese is okay too


Shining Charizard (Neo Destiny 107)
Miracle Energy (Neo Destiny 16)
Typhlosion (Neo Genesis 17)
Typhlosion (Neo Genesis 18)
Meganium (Neo Genesis 10)
Meganium (Neo Genesis 11)
Shining Gyarados (Neo Revelation 65)
Raikou (Neo Revelation 13)
Entei (Neo Revelation 6)
Celebi (Neo Revelation 3)
Yanma (Neo Discovery 17)
Entei (Wizards Promo 34)

Steelix (Trainer promo)
Charizard (Neo Premium File 2)
Beedrill (Neo Discovery 18)
Butterfree (Neo Discovery 19)
Starmie (Neo Revelation 25)
Lugia (GB2 promo)

I am willing to trade some Japanese Cards
Pikachu M LV.X (DPt-P Promo 43)
CD Charizard
Dragonite (GB 1 Promo)
Rocket’s Entei (VS 95)
Clair’s Mantine (VS 51)
Morty’s Hypno
Whitney’s Persian
Morty’s Noctowl
Bruno’s Machamp
Chuck’s Tauros
Chucks’ Poliwrath
Will’s Xatu
Brock’s Kabutops
Rocket’s Sneasel (P 3)
Venusaur ex Half Deck Unopened

I have other cards as well :blush:

Are you interested in JPN Shinings?

I have complete common/uncommon set for unlimited set Neo Destiny. Let me know if intetested

Thanks but I am mainly looking for holos and ultra rares,
And Japanese shining would be great which ones do you have?