Need Help with Japanese Gengar collection

I’m currently in the process of trying to collect 1 of every Japanese card that features Gengar. I recently discovered @quuador’s list, as well as referencing bulbapedia and think I’ve located most of those. However, I noticed that neither mentions the Natta Wake Hoppip as a card featuring Gengar, so I was wondering if there might be other cards featuring Gengar that I could possibly be missing (other than the Art Academy Gourgeist…for now)
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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This might be a bit of a roadblock but the Extra Battle Day winner’s prize 395/SM-P Acerola has a Gengar beneath her dress. Happy hunting though


The Munch: A Retrospective Psyduck has a Gengar:

There are also some set cards I’m aware of featuring Gengar:

  • Imposter Oak’s Revenge - Rocket (Team Rocket);
  • Blaine’s Quiz #1 - Gym 1 (Gym Heroes);
  • Rocket’s Hideout - Neo 3 (Neo Revelation);
  • Surprise Box - Night Unison (Unbroken Bonds).

Apart from the eight already mentioned above (Natta Wake Hoppip; Art Academy Ghourgeist; Extra Battle Day Acerola; Munch promo Psyduck; Team Rocket Imposter Oak’s Revenge; Gym Heroes Blaine’s Quiz #1; Neo Revelation Rocket’s Hideout; and Unbroken Bonds Surprise Box), there is also the Gengar Spirit Link of Phantom Forces and the 090/XY-P Pikachu promo:



Thank you all for the information! I’ve ordered most of these already (minus Acerola and Gourgeist for now)
I thought I found an affordable Acerola but then realized it was not Japanese haha. I’ll (hopefully) eventually trade up into those 2 pieces someday, but until then the other cards will have to do!

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