Hunting Gengar 2023, anyone have a list of all Gengar cards?

Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone collects Gengar cards or can point me to a good resource to find all Gengar cards?

I’ve still got quite a few collector goals to complete this year, which means my budget is slightly capped off for other things, but am trying to plan ahead for 2023.

I’ve been using this article I found:

I have been fortunate enough to either have or gather a good chunk of this list already, the problem is I know it can’t be conclusive as I have a Gengar card that does not appear on here in my own collection. Looking to really set this as my goal for next year so any resources would be great. Initially English and Japanese only, but will expand as I go. Thanks ! :blush:

1 Like Thinks its in here, or you can just try to request it!


That’s the good stuff! Thanks, I was sure it was on here somewhere, but “Gengar” in the search bar for guides was not brining it up because it’s in a gdrive I guess. Appreciate it.

It’s also mentioned on one of the pages within the thread. :blush: But the Proboards search is pretty bad tbh, so it’s not too surprising.

I made that list in June 2019, so it might contain some errors, and it’s also fairly outdated. Lmk if you want me to update it (and I assume you’re only interested in English/Japanese Gengar cards, or all languages? And including other cards featuring Gengar in the artwork or only actual Gengar cards?)


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Haha I had a hunch that you’d be behind this list Quuador! The work you put in is really appreciated, thanks for putting it together. An update would be nice, but I won’t be starting until 2023 for this venture, so no pressure. I’ll be taking a look over summer at the document and seeing what I can perhaps help with and just mentality/financially preparing myself.

My (very loose) plan right now is to go:
-English cards (directly Gengar + featured in) vintage
-Japanese cards (directly Gengar + featured in) vintage
-English cards outside of the TCG (topps etc.)
-foreign language vintage
-modern era English
-Modern era Japanese
-remaining foreign language (might not bother with this though)

This will probably fall apart as a see good value listings etc. but is the general flow I’m going to aim for next year.

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