Need help (Paypal inquiry)

Hey guys, a bit random here, but I purchased a wallet from what seems to be a legit company in Thailand and it’s been 43 Days now and I haven’t received squat, tracking number stops at “Departure From Outward OEThailand Thai Post”, after that no information is available and my Post Office says they don’t have it in their database.

The policy for that company is to wait 45 days before a claim can be made to Thai Post (coincidentally the amount of time it takes for PP to deny a place for a claim), then if after 30+ days they find out the item got lost they will send another item…

When asked if I have a safeguard against a lost package all I got was a smug response saying to check on their policies then a reassurance that they will look into it once the 45 days have passed.

This, in my opinion, is bullcrap and I want to start a Paypal claim, waiting 40+ days and then getting a “we’ll see how it goes” email back… hey, at least they respond fast though, lol.

Do I have grounds for a claim, or will Paypal just slap me and give me a giant “NO”? The wallet was $90 I think, so it would bother me to be on the losing end here.

Uhh correct me if I’m wrong but I thought paypal disputes were 35 days? @viperfox

If you can make a claim still, I would do it at this point.

I believe you only have up to 45 days to open a dispute with Paypal. I strongly recommend that you open a case now.

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Thanks guys, opened the claim. Crossing fingers here… real shame it was a nice wallet to replace my now beat up LV. Funny thing is, I’ve always had bad luck with Thai sellers of exotic leather goods, only time I have been scammed on eBay it was from a Thai seller in exotic leathers, lol. I was foolish enough to take his word on “I’ll be sending a new one to replace the one that got lost” (no tracking on either), then the negative feedback started pouring on the seller and that’s when I knew, called Paypal but his account was empty so no refund could be made.

Sounds like you may want to avoid Thai sellers of exotic leather goods in the future :wink:

Make the claim asap trust me. You’ll be left between a rock and a hard place if you don’t file it with eBay on time. EBay loves their buyers, you’ll get your money back I’m sure.

Sellers do the whole “just wait 45 days” thing so they know an eBay claim has not been filed and therefore if things go wrong, then the deck is stacked in their favour and they can control the outcome as they like without eBay stepping in. I’ve been screwed from this…after 45 days they say they’ll file a claim with the post office (another 30 days or so) then they won’t talk to you anymore unless you push and prod for it. They’ll eventually tell you that forms have been sent to you from the claims office for you to sign (you’ll only hear this if you’re persistent). Then these forms won’t ever arrive of course. Finally they’ll decide that the post office will give you $xx back but it’s much less than you paid for the item and by the end of this it’s been a few months.

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Thanks guys, the seller refunded after a bit of dialogue. :blush: Your input really helped.