Buyer claims the card was damaged after 5 months

Hey everyone,

a few days ago someone claimed a file via Paypal. He bought a couple of cards from me in february, all japanese promos (worth a total of $250). He paid with Paypal and everything went very well…until the day he claimed to have recognized the cards were damaged. He then proceeded to call his credit card institute which retracted the payment from Paypal. Paypal let me know and strangely enough, he only wanted $75 back. However, I am a 100% sure the cards were mint and it is VERY weird that he asks for a refund 5 months after the transaction. I’m a hundred percent sure he is just trying to get money back.
I called Paypal and they told me to share my tracking number with them, which I did. Since I didn’t hear back from them for a week or so so I gave them another call today. They told me that it can take up to 80 or so days until the file gets solved but I have good chances to get my money back, either via Paypal buyer/seller protection or from the credit card institue.

I think it’s a joke that people can just say “hey, the card is damaged i want my moneyyzzz back” and they will actually get it. Now I have to wait a couple of months to get my $75 back. Not that the $75 bother me but it just bullies me that Paypal actually works like that >.<

Sounds to me like someone needed the money asap and you were the unfortunate scapegoat. :confused: If you don’t notice damage until 5 months latter you don’t deserve to get your money back :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why Ebay doesn’t allow cases to be opened on items after 45 days.